Guest Posting Guidelines

We accept guest posting, sponsored posts & editorial, which are an excellent way to tell our readers about your product or service in depth. For example, many of our clients promote Hotels, Tours or Destinations, kickstarter launches, websites and local services. Just use the form below to send us a brief description of what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you promptly with more information.

Any columns approved to be posted on this site must be unique.

Posts must be 100 percent original. This means:

Guest Posting – if you submit an article:

  • No plagiarism! We’re using CopyScape. If you are caught passing off the work of someone else as your own, you will receive a warning. Do it again, you’re blacklisted and you’re out. Duplicate content will be deleted.
  • No self-plagiarism: You can not “borrow” phrases or paragraphs from your own previously published content or from company blog posts (or other written materials). If you use the words or thoughts from someone else, it must be correctly credited.

Always try to go beyond the basics/obvious.

Any images should be original, or if sourced from a stock library, please provide details of the license you purchased for the image – occasionally we are approached by stock image license holders threatening us to pay for the rights to publish the images that were included in guest articles, so we need to be able to prove the rights to the images you publish, or we may be forced to remove your article and its image under DMCA rules.

The most successful articles tend to be:

  • Lists (e.g., examples, tips, tools, tactics)
  • How-to articles/guides
  • Explainer posts (e.g., what is… / why x matters)
  • Expert roundups
  • Opinion posts/commentary/think-pieces

Try to provide actionable tips and practical advice.

Share your own experiences. Don’t rely heavily on quoting influencers, experts, or authorities from other sites.

Be the expert!