Google Glass Tech Specs Revealed

This was a big week for Google Glass as the device’s technical specifications were announced, on the same day that Google sent out the first few Glass devices to developers and ‘Glass Explorers’.

Google Glass will have a 5 megapixel, 720p camera built-in and will have 16GB of flash memory (with 12GB available as free space.)

Google did not reveal an exact length of time they expect the battery to last between charges, but did mention that it is expected to last for “one full day of typical use”. As with any device, how much and what you use it for will affect how long the battery lasts.

Glass will be compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, but for its ‘MyGlass’ companion app to work (which enables SMS and GPS capabilities) it will require an Android phone running at least Ice Cream Sandwich. This could prove a hindrance to iPhone owners.

The other big news is that Google has also started shipping the Google Glass devices to developers so they can begin making apps. What really makes it interesting is that Google has specifically told developers that they are banned from including any advertising into the application, in accordance with the terms and conditions. They are also banned from making the app collect data that they can sell onto 3rd parties. This is a very interesting move by Google as advertising is something the company is notorious for, with 98% of Google’s profits spouting from advertising.

Apart from developers, the lucky 4,000 “Glass Explorers” will also be receiving their pairs of Google Glass to test them out. Earlier this year, Google ran a competition asking people in no more than 50 words to say how they would use Google Glass if they had a pair. Google then selected the best responses and invited them to test and give feedback on Glass.

But for rest of us, we’ll have to wait a little longer before getting our hands on the smart glasses which are rumoured to be priced at around £1,000. Are you thinking of getting a pair?

Image: Max Braun / Flickr Creative Commons


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