The Last Pair of Aviators You’ll Ever Buy

There are 100 days between March 12 and June 21, the official beginning of our favorite season. So every day between now and then, we’ll be highlighting the products, places, and experiences we can’t wait to use, visit, and have once summer rolls around.

Days left: 66

There are a lot of arguments to be made for spending a ton of money on a pair of sunglasses. Frankly, you’d tend to take better care of $400 metal frames than you would, say, the cheap $8 versions you can get at most gas stations, and the pricier models tend to look a damn sight better, too.And it’s for those reasons that we’re so excited about Acne Studios’ first collection of eyewear, which launches this week. The frames are billed as unisex, but we’re going to venture to guess that most guys who end up buying a pair from the collection will land on the Spitfire, an updated take on the aviator shape. Of the four colorways it comes in, our personal favorite is the palladium frame with green lenses. Not that we don’t like the all-black version; it’s just that the ones you see above are so good-looking that we’d be really sad to lose them.


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