12 Holiday Destinations that are Always Hot

A Dozen Destinations That Are Always Hot for Your Holiday
VING SUNPRIME THOMAS COOK RIGHTS TO USE 2017-2022 Photos made in Mallorca Sept 2017

One of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday destination is how hot and sunny the weather’s going to be. Nobody wants to book their dream beach holiday just to get there and be wrapped in a pool towel, sheltering from heavy downpours under the nearest umbrella all week!

But sometimes you can’t always go on holiday during the usual summer months. And hey, let’s admit it, maybe you’d just prefer it if someone else did the research for you? Well I’ve gone and done just that. Take a look below at 12 holiday destinations that are always hot, and take your pick as to where you’d like to go.

1) Tenerife

Hot Tenerife Teresitas Beaches

More about Tenerife

2) Goa

Sunny Goa Beach Paradise
Goa Weather Chart

More about Goa

3) Dominican Republic

Palm Trees on a Dominican Beach
Dominican Republic Weather Chart

More about Dominican Republic

4) Lanzarote

Lanzarote Sunshine
Lanzarote Weather Chart

More about Lanzarote

5) Thailand

Thai Sunshine
Thailand Weather Chart

More about Thailand

6) Cyprus

Cyprus, Paphos, Aphrodite Beaches
Cyprus Weather

More about Cyprus

7) Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria sunshine
Gran Canaria weather chart

More about Gran Canaria

8) The Gambia

Gambia Weather

More about The Gambia

9) Fuerteventura

Sunny Fuerta Ventura
Vuertaventura Weather

More about Fuerteventura

10) Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka spectacular weather
Sri Lanka weather chart

More about Sri Lanka

11) Mexico

Mexico Cancun Sunshine
Mexico weather chart

More about Mexico

12) Florida

Florida Miami sunny beaches
Florida Weather chart

More about Florida


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