Five Reasons Why Santorini is One of the Best Holiday Destinations

Santorini is well knows as one of the most Instagrammable locations on earth. This is an island that combines everything. Mesmerizing nature, high-level luxury services, amazing accommodations, mouthwatering meals, and romantic activities. So take your partner and let the island lead you to all the places you have to see.


Located in Imerovigli is the new five-star hotel. Omma, is a luxury hotel, overlooking the iconic Caldera cliff. this would give you so much needed sense of serenity and peace. The unbroken views of the ocean are certainly what will captivate you, until you will see the two pools in the middle of the property. Here you will find the most comfortable sun beds and the fluffiest towels to place your body on and absorb the Santorinian sun. The spacious rooms are minimalist and have retained the traditional Cycladic look, but all with a modern twist. Besides, each room has its own private plunge pool.


Embark on a journey around the intriguing waters of the Aegean Sea on a Private sunset catamaran cruise. Sail to Red Beach and the White Beach along the coasts of Santorini. Take a swim in the warm waters and take advantage of a properly equipped boat with free towels, snorkeling gear and an open bar. Go to the Indian Rocks, the Venetian Lighthouse and the volcanic scenery. Finally enjoy indulging in a well-prepared seafood and BBQ meal on deck and relaxing dip in the hot springs overlooking the Caldera sunset.

Private wine tasting There’s a reason why Santorini is one of Greece and the world’s most popular destinations, and you can find out why on a Santorini Wine Tour. Enjoy this unique, amazing sights and learn varieties of wine made in here. Try different wines and see which one is best suited to your taste. Don’t miss the chance to taste the popular Assyrtiko, a rare Greek flavor that was the only form of life which survived the island’s volcanic eruption back in 1630 B.C. There’s no better way to enjoy this beautiful island than drinking traditional Greek wines on a Santorini Wine Tour and munching on delicious hors d’oeuvres.

Akrotiri Guided Tour Cultural discovery for historical mystery and philosophical lovers! The journey starts at Akrotiri’s most unusual excavation site, which was buried in 1646 B.C under the ashes of the volcanic eruption. This Santorini guided tour will unravel the ancient enigma. Your next stop will be at Megalochori’s’ Symposion’ cultural center where you can appreciate music with hand crafts  and string instruments! Enjoy the conclusion of your trip while eating an organic meal with a view of the stunning lighthouse.


Don’t have to go as far, as Imerovigli’s Omma Restaurant is one of the best in region. Serving typical Greek and Mediterranean dishes filled with amazing aromas and having the incredible view of Caldera as your companion, you certainly shouldn’t stand back and immerse yourself in the special seductive flavors.


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