Bodegas Portia: Best Destination Winery in Spain

Architect Norman Foster designed the structure of this million-bottle winery. Plus: Where to eat and stay nearby.

For the million-bottle-producing Portia, Lord Norman Foster, British starchitect and designer of the new Apple campus in Cupertino, California, gave each stage of winemaking (fermentation, aging, and storage) its own “blade” in the winery’s design, a partly submerged propeller shape constructed of concrete and Corten-steel shingles, strong enough for trucks to drive onto and dump grapes into the hopper below. A huge central public gallery is enveloped in frosted channel glass that offers glimpses into the production areas.

Where To Eat
Pair the Ebeia Roble 2010 with classic Castilian cuisine at the glass-and-steel-trimmed restaurant, also designed by Foster.

Where To Stay
The restored 19th-century Hotel La Puebla is located in Burgos, an hour’s drive away.


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