L’And: Best Destination Winery in Portugal

Fireplace-equipped patios and retractable roofs make this winery-resort a star attraction near Lisbon. Plus: Where to eat and stay nearby.

This winery-resort is a striking sight in Alentejo wine country, as if a chalky, geometrically shaped meteorite had crashed into the rolling fields of cork trees and grapevines. The Lisbon architecture firm Promontorio conceived the 22,250-square-foot central building, slicing away each corner of its white concrete shell to create patios. Nestled within the adjacent hotel’s atrium is the winery, where the first L’and limited-edition vintage was produced in 2009. The hotel’s interior has been artfully imagined by Sao Paulo designer Marcio Kogan, who used stone, slate, and slatted wood to conjure a vibe that’s equal parts jet-set and eco-lodge.

Where To Eat
The winery’s restaurant serves an Asian-Portuguese menu. Or try the regional specialty, pork loin and clams, at the iconic eatery Fialho, in the Roman-era town of Evora.

Where To Stay
L’and’s 22 guest suites include fireplace-equipped patios and, in some cases, heated indoor plunge pools and retractable roofs for stargazers.


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