Southbrook: Best Destination Winery In Ontario

Follow the Niagra-on-the-Lake wine trail at this high-end pavilion, which also hosts cooking classes and dinner parties. Plus: Where to eat and stay nearby.

Southbrook is the first stop on the Niagara-on-the-Lake wine trail, and Toronto’s award-winning Diamond+Schmitt Architects make the trip memorable, welcoming visitors with a 600-foot-long concrete wall overlooking a reflecting pool. Behind it, a cantilevered steel roof shades a 6,000-square-foot glass pavilion that hosts tastings, cooking classes, and dinner parties. In summer, a wood-burning oven produces pizzas to accompany Southbrook favorites like Whimsy! Cabernet Franc and Poetica Chardonnay and its intense ice wines.

Where To Eat
Hillebrand, a nearby winery, offers the ultimate locavore menu: pairings of wine and food that come from the same plot of soil.

Where To Stay
Seven miles away sits the regal Prince of Wales, one of Canada’s best hotels.


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