Dorkfuel Interviews: Charlie Simpson

Remember that boy band Busted, which tried to live in the year 3000? They split up in 2005 and Charlie Simpson seems to be back on the rock scene as a solo artist, even though he is part of alternative rock band, Fightstar. Magnate caught up with Mr Simpson to see what inspired him to become an artist in the first place, let alone a solo act.

Firstly, you’re about to go on stage as a solo artist. You’re alone, how does that feel, in contrast to the past?

“I think it feels the same, as I’m supported on stage by a 5-strong band, so it’s just like being on stage with Fightstar. I think that’s be a different story if it was just me alone on stage – it’d be odd!”

You’ve had a number of style and genre changes in the past. If you had to call upon some top inspirations for your current style, both old and new, who’d they be?

“The main influence which I have been able to recall since I was younger is Jackson Brown. My father introduced him to me when I was a child, and I loved his music; it’s been with me forever. I think he’s one of the biggest influences on my music today”.

What’s the influence, or the message, behind the Farmer and Gun video?

“The video for Farmer and his Gun is essentially based around the kids-film Watership Down” Charlie explained before remarking “I don’t actually know why it’s a kid’s film – it’s really dark!”.

“The story is of rabbits, who are forced to leave their homes, travel and seek a new place to live. That’s really what the song ‘Farmer and his Gun’ is about, so we approached an illustrator and created the rabbits.”

Fightstar is now running side by side with your solo career. How do you manage to separate the styles and influences, if at-all?

“Fightstat’s style is different to mine, and when we’re writing for Fightstar, it’s normally all together as a group.”

“When I’m writing my own stuff it’s easy for me to escape and really write it from the heart, the way I feel is right, so the styles manage to remain separate, and that comes across in the music”.

What can people expect from your solo shows?

“We try and have a lot of fun at the solo shows. There’s a lot of crowd involvement and just trying to have a good time”.

What festivals can your fans see you at this year?

“I’m going to be at a couple of festivals, yes! I can’t really say anymore at this time as they’re not totally confirmed.”

“Other than actually doing the festivals I am going to try and get my head down this summer, and write some personal stuff for my second album”

“There’s a lot of other cool stuff happening in the future, too. We’re hoping to get a lot more stuff done with Fightstar”

“I’ve also wrote my first song which is going to be the soundtrack to a new up-and-coming British movie.”


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