How To Wake Up When The Weather Is Overcast?

Your whole day depends on waking up, so it’s important to know in what frame of mind you wake up. In this case, you can make a pleasant morning, even if it’s cloudy and cold outside, and how, told psychologist Dmitry Sinarev in a conversation with Prime agency. 

How to wake up 

  • Our body does not like sudden changes, especially after waking up, so as soon as you open your eyes, give yourself another minute to just lie down with your eyes closed, the expert advises. And then: 
  • take a few deep breaths (this will ventilate your lungs) 
  • wiggle your fingers and toes
  • stretch well.

Furthermore, the psychologist reminded us that to cheer yourself up, you should always wish yourself a good morning. 

It may also help to wake up, awaken inner strength and inspire confidence with a good memory. For example, “you can visualize an image of a loved one, a natural landscape or listen to your favorite song,” Sinarev recommended. He added that you just have to find your work resource, because everyone has them individually.