Self Improvement

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New Years Resolution Statistics

RankTop 10 New Years resolutions for 2020Percent1Lose Weight / Healthier Eating21.4%2Life / Self Improvements12.3%3Better Financial Decisions8.5%4Quit Smoking7.1%5Do more exciting things6.3%6Spend More Time with Family / Close Friends6.2%7Work out...

Become a Creative Genius by Taking a Shower, Says Science

Perhaps your New Year's resolution is learning to paint, write poetry, or play the trombone. Perhaps it's nailing the client brief you've been working on since November, or...

Late Night Snacking Can Make You Stupid, Says Science

Look, no one ever claimed that eating late at night was good for you. It's bad for digestion, bad for your BMI, and worse still for both when your go-to snack is consumed...

8 Ways to Battle Burnout

Starting and nurturing your own business takes hard work—and it can be frustrating. How do you fight against working too hard and spinning your wheels? Some words of advice.

Jamal Edwards talks Self Belief

Magnate’s Sean Spooner speaks with Jamal Edwards, founder of the global entertainment platform SBTV, about his life in business so far, and what he plans to do next.

Let Your Words Do the Networking

People who aren't stars on the social scene shouldn't sweat it when it comes to networking opportunities. They can still grow their contacts by letting their writing—and social media skills—shine.