Samurai Code: How to Apply the Rules of Noble Warriors

Many people associate Japan with samurai – noble men who were an example to follow. Their basic principles will help you to become a little better: learn to overcome yourself, resolve life difficulties, find strength and harmony.

So who is a samurai? If you are not a connoisseur of Japanese history, then surely the first thing you think of is an impeccably trained warrior.

In fact, noble persons – feudal lords and nobles – were called samurai, and warriors were called “bushi”. Although the two words are similar in meaning, they cannot be called synonyms. However, in the modern world, the term “samurai” is widely used in the meaning of “warrior”, so we will use this word.

Samurai were the elite of the Japanese army. Knowing about their impeccable craftsmanship, few dared to challenge them. The task of the samurai was to protect the overlord until his death. The warrior did not enter the first battle, but always emerged victorious from any battle. In the event of the death of the master, he became free. A samurai could remain a ronin – a warrior without a master. But many did not want to be in such a status, because they could not imagine life without serving a worthy idea. Therefore, they immediately got a job in the service of another overlord. And those who did not want to continue the military work devoted themselves to spiritual development.

The samurai had their own code of honor – bushido, which determined the rules of behavior both on the battlefield and in all other spheres of life. It is known to this day, albeit in a somewhat modified form. This code of ethics contains theses that encourage the best qualities in a person: honor, dignity, wisdom, friendliness and others. They will become your secret “weapon” and will help you always emerge victorious from any life situations, becoming an improved version of yourself. We will briefly tell you what a modern samurai should be like.


It is important to understand that everything does not happen by chance, but according to some Higher Laws that are not subject to man. It is worth living in harmony with them, with yourself and the world. Never stop spiritual development and always do the right thing. And we are not talking about any particular religion, but rather about a certain outlook on life, more meaningful and serious.


You cannot tolerate those who have crossed the boundaries, behave unworthily towards you or others. In no case should such behavior be encouraged, the offenders should be put in place right away – firmly, abruptly, but not sinking to their level.


You should never lose your composure. All thoughts, words and actions should be kept under control. Avoid haste, do not waste time on meaningless, unworthy things. It is more mature and wise to look at everything that happens, avoiding fuss and nervousness.


A true samurai knows how to admit his mistakes and learns from them. He will never put himself above not only another person, but also any living being and even the forces of nature. Humility really helps to achieve the intended goals, because a clear mind, not clouded by pride, is more focused on the result.


The samurai never tolerated disrespect for their elders, treated their peers the way they wanted to treat themselves, and the younger ones always tried to become loyal friends and mentors. This behavior is extremely important to adhere to in the modern world, where sometimes there is a lack of mutual respect and ordinary humanity.


To all people who did not harm you, be friendly by default. This will help you achieve the same attitude in return. I want to communicate with a friendly person, they listen to him, trust him.

True ideals

A real samurai must have an example to follow, a certain ideal image to which he remains faithful in any situation. After all, he knows: to become the best at something, you need to learn from the experience of those who have already reached certain heights.


A real warrior never loses the initiative over what is happening. He will not let the situation take its course, but will try to influence it with all his might. However, this does not mean that he is self-confident, it simply does not allow anyone to lead his life.


In any situation, you must not lose your vigilance. Always assess the situation, think about what it might turn out to be in the next moment. Analyze events, behavior of other people, try to think over your actions in advance.


You need to be able to subtly feel the situation and adapt to it, behaving accordingly. Be honest where appropriate and pretend if required. For this, it is important to learn to control your body language, words and actions.


A cautious person does not lay out all the trump cards at once and does not talk about plans until he is sure of the result. He also keeps a cool head, not showing his true feelings and intentions to just anyone. This does not mean that everyone should be suspected of everything. But caution and foresight never hurt. Therefore, be attentive to your surroundings, take care of both valuable things and secrets, do not allow yourself to blurt out too much despite who you do not trust one hundred percent, etc.


Having your own point of view is a mandatory quality for a samurai. You should not bend over to someone, adjust to the opinion of others, if it goes against your philosophy. Expressing your position and upholding principles should not be rude and pompous, but firmly and confidently.


The modern warrior has to fight with words instead of swords. And this means – he must perfectly master the skill of conversation: to have a competent, well-delivered speech, to look for the correct expressions, to tell interestingly. This is the only way to keep the attention of the audience. The ability to listen to the interlocutor, to show him sincere interest will also be important.


The strength of a samurai is not only in his sword, but also in his mind. It is important to learn how to argue your position, clearly build arguments so that they are listened to. But it is also worth always listening to someone else’s opinion and, if it turns out to be true, not to deny it. A warrior should not rush with statements that have no real basis, so avoid even the slightest lie.


A samurai will never arrange conflicts without a good reason. He maintains a courteous attitude to the last and tries to act tactfully. After all, straightforwardness is not always good, in some cases it is easier to agree than go ahead. In every situation, it is important to find the right solution. If it requires firmness, then the issues should be dealt with seriously, not being excessively soft. But in some situations, you need to act flexibly or gently. It is important to be able to see where the “stick” is needed and where the “carrot” is.


Of the many wrong options, the samurai always finds the right one, so he easily solves even the most difficult life problems. You just can’t learn it, wisdom comes with experience. It is also drawn from books, conversations with smart people, good movies, and other sources. Just never stop learning and you will definitely come to real wisdom.

If you follow these rules, you will not only become wiser and more confident in yourself. Everything unnecessary and unworthy will gradually leave your life, leaving only the good. It will be full of true friends, interesting events, small and big victories. And, most importantly, meaning.