How Not To Get Fat From A Sedentary Lifestyle?

Colleagues are literally baiting you to gluttony

Think of the last time you shared a meal with co-workers. Not only does everyone always have a duty biscuit for their tea in the office, but in the canteen we gobble up exactly the same amount of food as a gluttonous colleague. 

What to do about it

Theorists maintain that we tend to eat twice as much when we have it right in front of us. Try to steer clear of all the sweets usually lying around the coffee machine, and choose your own portion based on your own diet.

It’s too cold at work.

Yes, it can happen on a cool summer’s day with the air conditioning on full blast from your co-workers. Alan Hage, a researcher at Cornell University, says that our bodies shed blubber when they feel it is a bit cold to keep warm. That’s how you gain a few extra kilograms of fat over the course of a year, says Hage.

What to do about it

When thinking through the details of your wardrobe, be sure to think about what you can wear when it’s too chilly or always keep some warm autumn clothes in the workplace – they’ll come in handy. 

American researchers have an opinion that sunlight not only helps the body wake up, but also slightly speeds up the metabolism. This is especially true in the morning sun. The theory is that the lack of morning light encourages us to eat more to save energy, so on cloudy days we have an increased appetite.

What to do about it

Try to spend more time in the sun, such as walking to work. If you live in another part of town, you can park your car a few blocks before work to carve out 10-15 minutes for a walk.

You overeat on a nervous breakdown

Ask a few of your friends if they feel stressed out at work and you’re bound to find a guy who literally burns himself out with stress. When we’re stressed out, our bodies demand more sugar and fats and what’s more, our metabolism slows down.

What to do about it

This is where you really have to try techniques like deep breathing and meditation. Also, the two things that really affect your equilibrium are the amount of sleep you get and your exercise schedule. If you get just a few hours of sleep a week, you simply won’t be able to stay calm. Get more sleep and exercise!

Not enough time for sleeping or working out.

Nervous and demanding jobs probably take up a lot of your time. Maybe you don’t take a proper lunch break, and even if you do take an hour to rest, you still spend it surfing the net. 

What to do about it

On your busiest days, try to start with a nutritious, and simply put, a filling breakfast. A lot of studies have shown that half your daily calorie intake can be easily met at the start of the day. If you don’t have even an hour in the day to exercise, try to be more physically active, for example by never using the lift or public transport for short distances. If you are more active, you will fall asleep more easily, at the call of an exhausted body.