10 Reasons Why You Should Swim In The Pool

Swimming is a universal way to stay healthy and always be in good shape. You can swim at any time and at any age. Read more about the benefits of this sport.

It is the pool that makes it possible to extend the pleasure and swim at any time of the year, and not just in summer or on vacation. Let’s take a closer look at how swimming is so beneficial for the human body.

1. Positive effect on the cardiovascular system

If the heart and blood vessels begin to act up, this entails a disruption in the functioning of the whole organism as a whole. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and strengthen the cardiovascular system. And in this case, the best exercise is swimming. With it, the body is almost always in a horizontal position. It is much easier for the heart to expel blood through the arteries and peripheries. And the rhythmic muscle contraction and deep breathing inherent in swimming help to complete this process, which is necessary for the body.

Also, due to proper deep breathing, a good heart massage occurs. The lungs during the respiratory movement either slightly press on the heart, or as if they release it. The absence of static stress has a positive effect on the whole body. Thus, as with any other physical activity, swimming increases the work of the cardiovascular system. But this process takes place in very favorable conditions. Therefore, it has practically no contraindications.

Of course, if there are significant heart problems, it is necessary to consult a specialist. He will advise what kind of loads can be performed. For example, aqua gymnastics, which contributes to the saturation of blood with oxygen, stabilizes the work of muscles and the brain.

2. Full body workout

During swimming, there is a load on all muscle groups, which has a very beneficial effect not only on overall health, but also on appearance. Posture improves and arm muscles and abs are well strengthened. The body becomes slim, toned and beautiful.

3. Compatible with other sports

If you are into any other type of training, such as running or strength training, then they are great combined with swimming. It is with the help of it that you give the opportunity to rest your legs. And with a calm pace of swimming or just lying in the water on your back, the heart rests and the pulse returns to normal. So you will not only refresh yourself after an increased load, but also relieve tension from all muscle groups. Swimming is a great combination of cardio training, development of all muscles and improving metabolism.

4. Gives strength and self-confidence

Even if you are not very fond of sports, we still advise you to go to the pool. Swimming is a very effective way to relax and relieve stress. After it, you will feel lightness in the whole body. And after overcoming the first distance, as a result of the release of endorphins (hormones of happiness) into the blood, you will smile, feel happy, confident in yourself and your abilities.

5. Weight loss

Swimming not only has a great effect on human health, but also helps to burn extra calories. Following the recommendations of the trainer, it can be used for weight loss. Yes, compared to the same running or power sports, this is not the most effective way, but it has one big plus. This is the absence of stress on the joints and spine. And for people who are overweight, this is very important, since when running or other power loads there is a high risk of injury to the joints of the legs and knees. And swimming provides a gentle exercise, while helping to burn calories, develop strength, flexibility and endurance.

6. Inexpensive sport

If we compare the benefits of swimming for a person and the costs, then without hesitation, you can safely go to the pool. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on it. All you need is a hat, swimming trunks and goggles. And the subscription to the pool is not very expensive. It can be purchased at an affordable price, for example, at a discount. But you will definitely get great benefits and pleasure.

7. Effective for cross training

Excessive power loads, as well as hard training on simulators, go well with swimming. It is very useful and pleasant to plunge into cool water after such classes, which will refresh you, give you vigor, tone the work of the heart and blood vessels. And if you had a busy day, a lot of work in the office, then be sure to try to visit the pool, and you will feel cheerful and happy.

8. Swimming is varied

Training in the water is full of variety. You can find many ways to work out in the pool with benefits and pleasure: swim crawl, breaststroke, learn how to swim in the butterfly style. And you can also do aerobics, push up from the wall of the pool. And this is not the limit, together with your friends you will find even more diverse and exciting ways to spend time in the water.

9. Helps Build Muscle

If you dream of building muscle mass, but want to do without special artificial

Christmas trees, then regular visits to the pool is what you just need. It is swimming that is the perfect combination of cardio training, strengthening muscles and improving metabolism. In addition, exercising in the pool will help you maintain the elasticity of your muscles and skin.

10. Useful for bronchial asthma

Often, after tiring and long workouts in the gym, breathing problems occur. This is the so-called exercise-induced asthma. But this is not a reason to stop playing sports. It is the specific conditions in the pool that are especially favorable for people with bronchial asthma.

High humidity and a special microclimate make it possible to breathe deeply, and water sets the right load for all muscle groups. When swimming, asthma attacks, as a rule, do not occur, since with deep rhythmic breathing, the lungs are perfectly enriched with oxygen. Whereas during the run with forced breathing, the likelihood of seizures is higher.

However, do not forget that the benefits of swimming can only be felt if you go to the pool at least twice a week. At the same time, experts recommend swimming in sports ways: crawl on the back and on the chest, breaststroke, dolphin, etc. Swimming with your head up, without lowering yourself into the water, will not bring any benefit. But problems with the cervical spine can be.