Top 10 Habits That Will Change Your Life For The Better

Want to improve your health, reduce your stress levels, and just have more fun every day? Positive change begins with good habits.

Incorporate these habits into your daily routine and see how your life changes for the better. Although it is not easy to form habits and it takes a long time, it is definitely worth trying to introduce them into your daily life.

So, what are some good habits you should introduce into your life?

1. Drink water in the morning

During the night, the body’s water supply is depleted, so it needs to be replenished in the morning. It is good for mood, metabolism and skin. After a glass of water, you will immediately feel more energized. Drink it on an empty stomach, before breakfast. It is important that the water is clean, not too cold. You can add a little lemon juice to it for flavor.

 2. Meditate

Meditation helps to come to harmony and calmness, to feel clarity of mind, and to reduce pain. It is very useful as a means of dealing with stress and nervous strain. It is recommended to meditate daily for at least 10 minutes. But do not expect that after the first time there will immediately be a tangible effect. Before you can completely relax during a session, you need practice. To know exactly what and how to do, sign up for a group. Or download a dedicated smartphone app like Calm.

3. Walking on foot

If the weather permits, be sure to take some time to walk in the fresh air. Sunlight and fresh air are good for your well-being and soothe your nerves. Sometimes a walk in the park can replace a full workout if you walk at a good pace, which will speed up your heart rate. Experts say that a person needs at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week or 75 minutes of intense physical activity. So, whenever possible, walk more and try to track changes in your heart rate.

4. Go in for sports

Sport is the path not only to a beautiful body, but also to longevity. Moreover, with age, we lose muscle mass, strength and agility. So without training anywhere. The more active and varied they are, the better. For example, a walk can act as a cardio exercise. In addition to her, do strength exercises in the gym or do yoga. There are so many different sports and techniques now; opportunities to study with a coach, in a group or at home using YouTube videos, that you simply cannot help finding what will suit you.

5. Eat green vegetables

Perhaps you have a prejudice against green vegetables since childhood. Or maybe you just never thought that they should be eaten every day. However, the fact remains: the body needs nutrients, which are present in abundance in green vegetables. Therefore, it is so important to consume them regularly. Find the cooking method you like best: make salads, smoothies, bake, stuff. So you will try new tastes and improve your health.

6. Love fruits

Fruits are not only a good alternative to desserts, but also a storehouse of all kinds of useful things. Each system of our body needs certain vitamins and microelements. To get them all working, try to eat fruits, at least a couple of servings a day. Don’t get hung up on one thing, even if you really like it. Variety is important, because the composition of each fruit is unique.

7. Relax to music

At the end of a hard day at work, try playing soothing music instead of a funny video: classics, lounge or even nature sounds. With such background accompaniment, it is very pleasant to read, reflect, engage in creativity and household chores. This kind of music can also help you fall asleep. 

8. Learn something new

To remain an interesting conversationalist, as well as constantly train your brain, try to learn new useful and interesting information as often as possible. Books, blogs, podcasts, educational apps, videos, periodicals, lectures and webinars – today there are many sources from which to draw knowledge. Including free. However, the information should be worthwhile and make you think.

9. Pay attention to loved ones

You can say that you spend so much time communicating with family members, colleagues and friends. But it is important to understand that the quality of this communication sometimes leaves much to be desired. Throwing a few words with your beloved in the morning in a hurry, discussing the weather with a work buddy in the elevator, or throwing a funny picture into a messenger for your brother is not enough. You need to spend time with those who are dear to you, and do it efficiently: chat live longer, walk, play games, laugh, share experiences, consult. Closer and longer communication strengthens our psychological health, which is no less important than physical health.

10. Put your phone aside before going to bed

Smartphones take so much time and also make it difficult to fall asleep. After all, while you are flipping the tape, your brain continues to work actively and experiences arousal. Much more than while reading, for example. And the light from the screen of the gadget prevents the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. As a result, when you put your phone down, it will take some more time for the hormone to be released and you can sleep normally. It is best to turn off your mobile at least an hour before bedtime.

This is a basic list of things that can make you healthier, calmer and happier even in a short time. However, a habit is not formed overnight. It takes time for something to become an integral part of your routine. It is important during this period not to be too hard on yourself. Perfectionism and pressure will not help you enjoy your new habit. Therefore, if you do not come out to do something on a daily basis on a specific schedule, do not blame yourself. Start with a couple of times a week, and gradually you will get involved.