The Most Effective Treatments for Sunburn

Summer is approaching the “equator”, which means that it is in full swing. The sun shines brightly and is sometimes unsafe for health. During the period of its activity, the risk of burns and sunburn increases.

The most tested and reliable remedy is lotion, which is sold in most pharmacies. It is important that it is designed for burned or damaged skin and relieves pain. In addition, a summer shower and a cool compress will ease the condition.

Cold milk compress, yogurt, green tea, or cucumber extract can be applied to the affected skin. Vitamin E cream is also suitable to relieve the condition.

When sunburns appear on the body, the body becomes dehydrated. Therefore, you need to drink more water than usual. If the pain is too pronounced, you can drink pain medication.

If the burns are severe, then you should immediately seek help from medical personnel.

The listed actions will help to cope with the unpleasant consequences of contact with the sun.

It is important not to forget that burns are easier to prevent than to deal with their elimination later. To do this, you need to avoid spending time outdoors in the sun, use sunscreen and wear breathable and closed clothing.