Why Successful Men Choose the iPhone

The iPhone is the choice of the successful not only for reasons of status. Let’s list a number of factors supporting this brand.

Have you noticed that almost all business men have an iPhone in their hands? Why do businessmen, politicians and famous personalities use Apple devices? The reason is simple.

The iPhone is the choice of the successful not only for reasons of status. Let’s list a number of factors supporting this brand.

Stable and reliable performance

Successful men value reliability and stability very much – synonyms of sustainability, when all agreements are respected and development moves along a predictable trajectory. This is exactly what Apple offers.

Being in constant progress, the proprietary iOS operating system retains its own original logic and structure. When switching from one phone to another, it takes a minimum of time to get used to the new working conditions. In addition, iPhone:

  • viruses attack less often;
  • its shell does not freeze even under load;
  • minimized programs do not interfere with the use of the device.

Crashes in iOS software are sporadic troubles, and on Android they are constant companions.

But the most important thing: even after 1-2 years of constant use, the iPhone works as fast as in the beginning. Analytical measurements carried out in 2019 showed that 92% of iPhone owners have replaced their devices with newer models of the same brand. This speaks volumes.

Build quality and stylish design

A smartphone is a must-have accessory, like a watch, tie, or business suit. A push-button telephone at a meeting with partners or a potential investor can significantly affect the outcome of negotiations and not in the best way.

Stylish iPhone complements the laconic image of a businessman, proving that people do not compromise on quality issues. And these are not empty words: Apple has one of the lowest defect rates on the market.

At the same time, the company uses premium materials when assembling cases:

  • stainless steel and branded aluminum alloys;
  • The toughest toughened glass;
  • optics of the highest purity.

Safe ecosystem

Businessmen value their reputation. Data security and confidentiality of correspondence come first for them.

Apple’s proprietary operating system iOS is a recognized leader in security among all smartphones in the world. Hacking it is almost impossible. In the United States, there are precedents when even the FBI failed to gain access to the data of the owner of the iPhone.

In addition, Apple has a gorgeous ecosystem that is fully synchronized with each other. For example, messages in iMessage can be checked not only from a smartphone, but also from a MacBook. The situation is similar with notes, browser and other applications. This is a great time saver – a precious resource that successful people value more money.