How Can You Correctly Count Calories Using Apps?

Just as a calculator once did away with the need to do complicated calculations in our heads, today specialised apps are ready to take over calorie counting, and not just that.

Hickey calorie calculator

In addition to the function stated in the name, it offers a host of tools for taking complete control of your diet: there is a barcode scanner and separate options for people diagnosed with diabetes.


Advises on certain foods and adjusts portion sizes, and also scores points based on your diet, water intake and level of physical activity. Choose from hundreds of recipes or follow a personalised plan.


A digital food diary: FATS (protein, fat and carbohydrate), calories, meal plan – all clearly arranged and easy to follow. The list of recipes is long and can be added to. And it’s all so you don’t have to replenish any more.


Once you complete the questionnaire, you’ll get a powerful tool that will easily tighten the screws on your gluttony habits. The database even has menus from many restaurants broken down into healthy eating components, so you can’t hide from the big brother there at the table either.