New MacBooks With M2 Processor To Be Released in 2022

What to expect from MacBooks with new M2 processor

Already in 2022, Apple is ready to present its proprietary second-generation processor – M2. They will be equipped with the next line of MacBook Air laptops, and they promise to please fans of “apple” technology with new opportunities for productive work, creativity and entertainment. What to expect from the updated processor – in our material.

What is known about the MacBook Air M2?

The corporation of Cupertines, traditionally, is in no hurry to reveal all the secrets at once. So far, insiders have leaked information that laptops with the updated Arm M2 chipset will appear in the first half of next year. A significant redesign will be made, the dimensions and colors will change. But the technical characteristics are still unknown. But we are sure that new details will now appear very often – stay tuned for the announcements.

In addition, information appeared in the American media that in 2022 a new line of MacBook PRO will be released, but they will have a different processor – the M1X. Most likely, it will be much more powerful than the M2. However, even less is known about this new product, but most likely it will become the most powerful and productive chip in the world.

Computers on the M1 processor: technical specifications

If you don’t want to wait, you can already become the owner of a MacBook Air with an M1 processor, the first Apple-branded chipset, today. The chipset with 8 cores, of which there are equally high energy efficiency and high performance, allows you to evenly distribute the system load and provides incredible performance even when performing several large tasks at the same time. Neural Engine machine learning methods are applied, which increase the productivity of the computer. The amount of RAM reaches 8 gigabytes. 

Overall, the processor is approximately 40% more powerful than the previous generation, powered by Intel chips.

The MacBook M1 is also worth buying for its great graphics. The power of the GPU in combination with the proprietary Super Retina display provides a bright, rich, realistic picture with increased resolution and support for the P3 color palette. The laptop is perfect for working in any graphic editors, video editing programs and animation creation. It also easily “pulls” the most powerful modern games with maximum image detail.

The updated processor has improved the energy efficiency of the computer, it consumes less energy. The battery charge lasts for 17 hours of battery life in intensive load mode.