Unboxed Xbox Series S – Smallest & Cheapest Next-Gen Console

Another new generation console has come to us, the most mysterious in terms of its capabilities and the cheapest among all its competitors. Speech, of course, about Microsoft Xbox Series S. We cannot talk about its capabilities yet. But showing you what is in the box and what the console itself looks like is no problem.

The Series S is delivered in a rather large box of snow-white color. The front side is decorated with photos of the console. Lateral sides – a description of the possibilities. Package – one-in-one Series X. This is a relatively short power cord – only 110 cm. Two-meter HDMI version 2 (no support for 120 Hz in 4K). And two AA batteries for the gamepad.

The gamepad itself is the same as the Series X, but completely white. Only the main controls are made in contrast: the crosspiece, sticks, the Xbox key and the X, Y, A, B buttons. There are no differences in materials either: both the triggers and the grip points are textured. Note, by the way, that we are almost used to the new surface.

The console itself is incredibly small and feels built from the same smooth plastic as the older version. They also have the same connectors. At the back there are two USBs of the third version, LAN, HDMI, a slot for proprietary SSD and a hole for Kensington Lock. Another USB is nestled in the front at the bottom. All controls immediately got up: the Pair button and “power”. Of course, there is no “disc ejection”, since there is nowhere to insert discs.

The Series S table rests on four rubberized legs. There is a set for both vertical and horizontal position. True, unlike Series X, the new product vertically should not be said to be confident: if you hook the wire, it will fly away immediately.

Note, no decorative elements were provided in Series S. Although, for our taste, the ventilation grill could have been decorated with a green insert, like in Series X. However, the Easter egg inscription was left. At the bottom, like the older version, the inscription Hello from Seattle was embossed.

Processor: AMD Zen 2

Number of cores / threads: 8/16 pcs.

Frequency: 3.6 / 3.8 GHz

Graphics core: AMD RDNA 2

Number of cores: 1280 pcs.

Texture blocks: 80 pcs.

Rasterization units: 32 pcs.

GPU frequency: 1565 MHz

Memory capacity: 10GB GDDR6

Bandwidth: 224/56 GB / s

Storage: 512 GB NVMe SSD

Drive speed: 2.4 GB / s

Launch date: November 10, 2020