Private floating island? Project Utopia

Want a private floating island?

Sure – a ‘floating island’ sounds a bit odd, but the people over at BMT Yachts are always thinking into the future and they have outdone themselves with the concepts of Project Utopia. Just to let you know before you all start writing your cheques this currently still in the planning stages. Project Utopia is a rounded island which in the structural support beams contains an Azimuth thruster (this makes a rudder not necessary) which will operate the slow movement of the island.

James Roy who is Yachts Design Director said “Utopia is not an object to travel in, it is a place to be, an island established for anyone who has the vision to create such a place.”

Let’s all be honest with ourselves would we really want to go somewhere when we could have this place? Forget the one room man cave from the wife – why not have a whole deck to ourselves. The island measures out for 100 metres and contains eleven luxury and spacious decks (equivalent to a modern day cruise liner) which can accommodate a micro-nation seems a little weird at first but okay forget Cameron and Boris it’s now YOU who is in charge for once.

The large central structure bisects the water surfaces creating a perfect mooring station in its very own wet dock to get supplies from ships and people just looking to cause a little trouble this is getting a little James Bond style don’t you think. The island also includes several helicopter pads (fancy eh?). By the way, did we mention it has a retractable canopy which covers the uppermost deck and on the 13th Floor there is an observatory with 360-degree views which places you 65m above the water surface?

For £100 million, you could have a floating island surrounded by the wonderful clear seas full of beautiful unexplored sites, but if you get bored of that you’ll have your own pool. The Queen might have this on her next Jubilee wish list.

Product Features:

  • Accommodates 70 crew and can cater for 16 guests
  • Maximum speed of 15 knots
  • Diesel electric propulsion
  • There are four major spaces which make up the external deck and communal areas: ‘Casino Square’, ‘Loews Hotel’, ‘The Oasis’, and ‘The Grand Atrium’.
  • Two large tender garages to store all manner of launches, offshore power boats, jet skis etc.
  • Dive dock and Submarine, deployed from one of the submerged hulls
  • Multi configurable sports court sized to championship tennis regulations also doubles as a Heli-Pad
  • Ample crew quarters including a gym and private sun terrace

Now after seeing what features it has doesn’t it make you want it even more? My question is does it come with Wi-Fi but one thing I do know it has FREE shipping but may take more than 1 business day to get to you since its slow moving object. Interested in getting this? It may set you back a couple of million.