Tie: Why It’s Always In Fashion And What Mistakes Are Made When Wearing It

From a practical point of view a tie is a useless accessory. However, men continue to wear it to important events, to the office, formal and semi-formal meetings. There are 3 reasons for this…

In practical terms, a tie is a useless accessory. However, men continue to wear it to important events, in the office, formal and semiformal meetings.

So, why is a tie not a thing of the past like a cane or a cylinder hat? 

There are three reasons:

1. A tie gives a solid look when paired with a shirt and jacket. A man wearing a suit and tie looks elegant and serious. He immediately raises his credibility. This accessory pulls the collar down effectively and fills in the space underneath it.

2. In the men’s wardrobe there are not many options to decorate a business image. Therefore, a tie does an excellent job with such a task. Its location is also advantageous – during a conversation, the interlocutor most often looks at the face area, capturing the neck area with his gaze. If the colour, texture and fabric are chosen correctly, it is more likely to make a good impression. 

3. |And not the least important reason to wear a tie is as a tribute to tradition, which is rather inert.

Common mistakes when wearing a tie

One of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong length. Twenty years ago, rather short ties were in vogue. However, today, the end of the accessory should reach down to your belt. If the trousers have an inflated waist, the length of the tie should be slightly longer.

No need for a massive knot if the shirt has a small collar. It is important to respect the proportions. Elegant knots are most appropriate. 

Do not leave a space between the knot and the collar stand. Such a look does not look quite tidy. It’s better to tie the knot tighter to avoid that effect. Then the look will be neater.

The tie should not merge with the shirt. Moreover, it is necessary that the patterns of the shirt and the tie are clearly differentiated. Such a combination will be pleasing to the eye. When choosing a tie under a shirt, keep in mind that the colours, saturation and pattern should form a harmonious composition.

Don’t go too bright. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a brightly coloured tie. But several factors should be taken into consideration. Such a tie is suitable under tanned or dark skin, otherwise it will attract more attention than your face. It’s also important to be able to distinguish between stylish brightness and cheap colour saturation. 

Bright and sheer colours look flashy. So it’s better to refrain from buying such accessories. Give preference to slightly subdued and lively tones. They look unobtrusive and add a touch of flair to your look.

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