Are You Wise? 9 Signs of Wisdom

Which person is considered smart? Who knows a lot and has useful skills? Or capable of solving any problem? The criteria for wisdom in life include control over emotions, knowledge, and experience. But the most important thing is that a wise person lives according to certain principles.

People with wisdom always command respect and admiration. After all, it is much more than a body of knowledge and skills. A comprehensively developed personality who knows how to find a way out of difficulties, learns from his mistakes and always moves forward – this is what a truly intelligent person looks like. He comes out victorious in different situations because he acts in a certain way.

1. Does not depend on someone else’s opinion

You can’t please everyone. Everyone has to deal with someone else’s negative opinion. But a person’s self-esteem cannot be called high if he completely depends on the opinions of others. A self-sufficient person can soberly assess himself and the result of his work. And he will not allow comments from the outside to spoil his mood. She also does not compare herself to others and does not get upset when she sees others’ successes. A wise person knows that success is always subjective, and you only need to compete with yourself.

2. Doesn’t give a second chance

A reasonable person does not forget betrayal. It is very foolish to give a second chance to someone who has already let you down once. Raking up the consequences of other people’s mistakes is a thankless task. Better to just eliminate the traitor from your life and move on.

3. Knows when to retreat

In any conflict, it is imperative to maintain composure. Failure to keep your emotions in check can be very costly. A smart person knows when to fight and when to retreat. He will not fight when defeat is obvious. And he will try to get out of the situation with the least possible losses.

4. Doesn’t believe in an unattainable ideal

Emotional maturity implies the realization that the ideal does not exist. Absolute perfection cannot be achieved. And in the pursuit of him it is easy to lose the good that has already been achieved. Therefore, wise people, although they do not stop developing, are able to rejoice at every small victory. And they don’t get upset if everything didn’t work out perfectly.

5. Doesn’t live in the past

If you dwell on past failures and mistakes, then the present will be darkened, and it will be more difficult to move into the future. The ability to draw valuable experience and forget about the situation is very important for continuous development. A person who understands this will never live in the past and will be able to overcome all difficulties.

6. Doesn’t give in to negative emotions

Stress always gets in the way of thinking logically. But feelings and negative thoughts will not help solve the problem. Instead of succumbing to them, it is better to consider options for resolving the issue. A person with a mind can take control of his emotional state. And already on a cold head to look for a way out.

7. Doesn’t waste time with whiners

There is a category of people who only whine, but do not solve problems in any way. They are ready to endlessly share their negativity with others. They don’t need advice or help, just a sympathetic audience willing to listen to nagging on a regular basis. And the negative, as you know, is contagious. A smart person will not waste time talking with such individuals. If he sees that the interlocutor is not interested in solving the problem, then he closes the topic and returns to his business.

8. Knows how to forgive

A wise person knows how to sincerely forgive even the most sworn enemies. He doesn’t want to waste his energy on unworthy people, so it’s easy to let go of the situation. Thanks to this, he is emotionally free. Does not suffer from hidden grievances and anger, does not make plans for revenge. It simply learns a lesson and excludes offenders from life.

9. Feel free to say no

Anyone who values ​​himself, his time and energy will not agree to everything. It is not difficult for a wise person to refuse even a close friend if he offers something that he is not interested in. A mature person does not make commitments that he cannot fulfill. And he does not waste time on what he does not like. That is why you can always rely on her.

Of course, these are not all the principles that characterize an intelligent person. But even they are enough to avoid many problems and failures.