Don’t be Ashamed to Make Work Your Top Priority

If you’re struggling to prioritize your work and feeling guilty about putting it first, it’s important to understand that it’s okay to make work your top priority. To start, recognize that your career and financial stability are important factors in your overall well-being. Then, set clear goals for what you want to achieve in your career and create a plan to reach those goals. Communicate your priorities with your loved ones and colleagues, and ask for their support. Remember to take breaks and practice self-care, but don’t feel ashamed to make work a top priority in your life.

“In the spotlight”

Friends constantly attack you: how can you work so hard and have absolutely no interest in anything? An awkward attempt begins to find a hobby that could put you on a par with those who boast of personal achievements with or without reason: a new trip to the mountains, a self-launched line of accessories, a vintage car taken apart and reassembled with your own hands, and so on.

It seems that everything that can somehow draw attention to you should be outside the workplace. But what to do if you really like your work, moreover, it is your main priority, interest and joy. You need to stop justifying yourself, being shy and inventing new interests.

How to make work your top priority and never worry about your own choice again?

-Attempt at writing

If you are not sure about your attachment to work, try artificially creating uncomfortable conditions. Intensive activity mostly on weekends or very early mornings, additional projects or extra responsibilities – make yourself feel difficult again. If your mood will only improve with the increasing pace, then, most likely, work is your top priority.

-Friendly team

Everyone who has chosen the wrong place, profession or simply got up on the wrong foot is often seen in reproaches towards the work process. They all know exactly how to change everything in order to increase efficiency. It is immediately clear that nothing will help those who simply do not want to make an effort on themselves and start working. For you, these problems do not exist, but you have to keep up the conversation: stop deceiving yourself and start advocating for a positive attitude in the workplace.

-Financial aspect

There is always room for growth, and monetary rewards only encourage growth. But you are ready to work for the idea, the main thing is that it brings you pleasure. Periodically check with the amount that is comfortable for you, which you would like to see in your bank account. Do not adapt to the trends within the team and do not listen to others, most likely, you will stay in your place much longer than the rest (and spend this time usefully). Be reserved and cold in your calculations of salary expectations.

-Personal life

Being a lonely workaholic is a pleasure. There is no need to adjust to other people’s rhythms, regulate personal hours and constantly apologize for being late for dinner. If you have long noticed a craving to stay at work as long as possible, have a detailed conversation about this with a partner. All you need to explain is about your dedication to a particular cause. And to assure that if now you have a romance outside of a relationship, then only one that is usually easily converted into future small and large signs of attention.

-A responsibility

Agree with yourself about who is responsible for your daily activities. It is better to outsource all the chores so as not to feel constantly oppressed by your own inattention to everything that happens outside of your working life. Not being equally sensitive in all areas is normal, the main thing is to learn to delegate (but most likely you already know how to do this).