Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Date: What Not to Talk About

If you want to make a good impression on your first date, it’s important to avoid certain topics that can ruin the mood and lead to awkward moments. Here are some tips on what not to talk about on your first date. First, avoid discussing your past relationships or emotional baggage, as this can come off as too heavy and unappealing. Second, don’t bring up your finances, stock market investments, or your salary. It’s better to keep the conversation light and interesting. Third, don’t engage in self-promotion or talk too much about your personal brand. Instead, show genuine interest in your date and ask them questions to get to know them better. Fourth, avoid showing too many photos of your children or pets, as this can be overwhelming. Fifth, don’t try to impress your date with your intellectual quirks, reading list or arthouse movie knowledge. Sixth, it’s best not to talk about your sexual achievements or preferences, as this can be a major turn off. Lastly, avoid discussing politics and ethics, as this can lead to disagreements and arguments. Keep these tips in mind and your first date is sure to be a success.

The first date is stressful, which often does not justify the end goal at all. Even if you have gone through these moments of awkwardness a hundred times, strange mistakes cannot be avoided. The most offensive, of course, is that you are absolutely not the same person as you seemed because of the stream of ridiculous phrases, questions and unsolicited comments.

In order not to fall into the classic trap of the first date and after successfully continuing to get to know each other, you need to memorize not what you need to say, but what you should forget about forever. Our advice on how to overcome the fear of a first acquaintance without going on an aggressive offensive, more like an interrogation by an investigator. And not become the hero of one of those stories that are retold as an anecdote about a stupid gentleman.


You will certainly still get to it, but you should not talk about it from the threshold. All your baggage is your problem: from resentment to great love. The problem here is more that you can easily get carried away by starting your story. And your couple will politely smile and count the minutes until the end of the date.


Don’t try to start checking the stock market index, looking at your account balance and hosting an educational seminar on financial literacy. If you want to hint at your stable position, then come up with a more elegant way. For example, talk about your last colorful trip.


The first date is not the best moment to find new subscribers or followers. Do not engage in self-promotion, which is more like spamming. You don’t need to sell yourself, the first date is proof that the pre-advertising has worked. Better come up with really interesting questions for the interlocutor.


Let’s move on to film. If suddenly you were drawn to show photos of children or animals, then once again think about the appropriateness of such an event. Having decided, stop at a maximum of one card. It is better not to dive further.


No one cares how many specifically smart books you have read and how many arthouse films you have watched. In general, everything that has a quantitative color is a red flag for a first date. The conversation should be built easily, and the baton should be passed from interlocutor to interlocutor.


If you keep in mind the continuation of the date, then you should not make extremely transparent hints. Namely, to tell point by point all your achievements in the field of sexuality. If you have already seen everything and tried everything, then it will be difficult to surprise you – and this scares, especially not the most confident people.


So you just quarrel, and glasses of wine will be replaced by something stronger. Thus, you can find a friend, colleague or an interesting opponent, but definitely not a partner.