Why Wear Glasses During the Corona-virus Pandemic?

The second wave of the worldwide pandemic is gaining momentum. The number of infected has exceeded 46 million. Interestingly, among the COVID-19 cases, there are not many who wear glasses. Virologists note that there are about 5 times less that the ones  that do not wear them.

Chinese experts conducted a study in which they suggested that wearing glasses could be a means of protection against coronavirus. Particles of the virus enter the body, including through the eyes. Therefore, glasses act as a barrier.

However, virologists do not yet have conclusive evidence of this theory. Many scholars criticize the findings of their colleagues from China. Since the data is still scarce, it makes no sense to draw premature conclusions and make recommendations, they say.

Also, experts do not believe that the eyes are the main “gateway” for the virus. They are well protected by the lacrimal fluid, which contains a lot of immunoglobulin A. Therefore, it is not yet clear whether everyone should wear glasses in public places or not. Do you think that makes sense?