How to Make Delicious Coffee?

It can be said without exaggeration that coffee is more than just a drink. It charges you with vigor in the morning, brings you closer during conversations and negotiations, and also gives you its pleasant taste and aroma.

In today’s article, we will share the secrets of delicious coffee from famous baristas.

Basic cooking principles


Baristas recommend choosing quality grains, preferably freshly roasted. The winner of the world barista championship claims that he will be powerless if the grains for preparing the drink are of low quality.

You need to consume coffee within a month from the date of roasting the beans. Based on this period, it is worth calculating its quantity upon purchase.


The grind must be even. Otherwise, the coffee will taste bitter and sour. To avoid unpleasant taste, experts recommend using grinders equipped with millstones instead of knives.

There are both manual and electric coffee grinders with millstones. Choose which option you like best. You can also contact a coffee shop with a request to grind the beans with a grinder.

If possible, it is best to grind the grains one serving before preparing the drink for each cup. In this way, tasty and aromatic substances remain in the drink, and do not undergo oxidation in the air.

Weighing the ingredients

It is desirable to measure water in grams. Measurement by weight is more informative than by density. 1000 milliliters of liquid is 1000 grams. According to experts, the ideal ratio for a delicious drink is 2 grams per 30 grams (ml) of water.

Coffee making process

AeroPress is required for cooking. With its help, ground coffee, filled with water, is forced through the filter under the influence of pressure (user force).

1. Boil water.

2. While the water is boiling, prepare the AeroPress and smaller cylinder.

3. Place the apparatus on the food scale and zero it.

4. Add 12 grams of fine or medium ground coffee after the grinder.

5. Turn off the boiled water and let it cool down to 80 – 82 degrees.

6. Add 100 ml of water to the coffee and stir the mixture, then add another 100 ml of water and stir again for 10 seconds. In total, you should get 200 milliliters of water.

7. Place the filter in the cover and put it on.

8. Turn the device over the coffee cup and slowly push the plunger.

You need to press gradually, without much effort. For two cups of coffee, baristas recommend using 24 grams of coffee and also 200 millilitres of water. Pour coffee into one vessel, then divide its contents into 2 cups. Add hot water to them in the desired amount.

The manual method of preparing the drink is becoming popular not only among amateurs, but also among baristas. This trend is not surprising, since you can control each stage of cooking and adjust it if you wish. Of course, manual cooking is more troublesome, but the result is worth it.

Professionally made and delicious coffee can be tasted almost any time, if you prepare it yourself correctly. We described how to do this in today’s article.