The Most Manly Sports

When it comes to men’s and women’s sports, this division is very conditional. We live in a time when gender stereotypes are blurring. This phenomenon has not spared sports either.

When it comes to men’s and women’s sports, this division is very conditional. We live in a time when gender stereotypes are blurring. This phenomenon has not spared sports either.

For example, a few years ago, sports that require a lot of physical strength are rough – boxing, rugby, wrestling, and the like, were considered exclusively male. But today women are very successful in these areas, achieving significant success.

Be that as it may, the division of sports by gender has not gone anywhere. And a strong half of humanity loves real men’s sports. It is in the genes, and works at the instinct level. The best bookmakers in Russia only fuel interest in various sports events. Adrenaline from bets, danger and physical strength – this is what men need!


This sport is perhaps the most popular on the planet, with millions of fans. Boys begin to play with the ball from an early age. But really masculine is American football, which also incorporates elements of wrestling. Just like rugby, which is essentially the same American football, but without heavy ammunition, which makes it even more rude, because injuries in this sport are common.


Who in our country does not know the phrase “real men play hockey”? This is a rough, one might even say, aggressive sport. Here, unlike in the same football, it is much easier to get injured. Hockey is an uncompromising game, where fights often arise between rivals, in which sometimes both teams participate. Adrenaline rises to the maximum level, which is why this sport is for men.


The history of this sport goes back many centuries; it is one of the most ancient martial arts. Along with boxing for masculinity, there are wrestling, wrestling, sumo, MMA and other similar sports, where the main goal is to cause physical damage to the opponent, where the athlete’s strength is important along with technique. Nowadays, many women are engaged in martial arts, but nevertheless, when it comes to fighting or wrestling in the ring, it is the male athletes who introduce themselves. After all, it is they who tend to stand out with strength and power.


This is a game of aristocrats and aesthetes. In our latitudes, this kind of sport is not very common, but from foreign cinema, many have an idea that it is played by the elite, the cream of society. Physical endurance is not important in golf. During the game, opponents compete in accuracy, trying to get into the holes, faster than the opponent.

Car sports

Despite the fact that many women have mastered driving and sometimes drive better than some men, the car is still considered a male occupation. Besides brute strength, men are crazy about incredible speeds. What could be better than driving on the highway when your speed exceeded 300 km / h? But getting into an accident at a prohibitive speed is much more dangerous. Therefore, auto racing is a real extreme sport, during which the adrenaline just rolls over. It is unlikely that someone will be able to remember the outstanding racer, this is not surprising, because this is truly a man’s sport. But it is not limited to cars alone, it can also be attributed to motocross – when athletes compete in off-road motorcycle speed. Not every woman is ready to travel through the mud through the swamps, driving an iron horse.

Modern society blurs the boundaries between the sexes, but it is unlikely that women will ever be able to compare in endurance and strength with men.