What To Do On The Beach?

Many, having got to the beach, for a long time cannot decide what to do with themselves from idleness. To solve the problem of a beach holiday, we turned to the heroes of several famous films, which, as you know, are always susceptible to inventions.

What to do on the beach?
Seemingly strange question. The main thing is to get to the beach, and what to do there – this seems to be a question that can be solved. Nevertheless, many, having got to the beach, for a long time cannot decide what to do with themselves from idleness. Sunbathing and swimming for five hours in a row, not a single healthy body can withstand, but an alternative to these productive activities is not always found.

To solve the problem of a beach holiday, we turned to the heroes of several famous films, which, as you know, are always susceptible to inventions.

Water skiing

Like in the movie “Dad is my hero”

Even if you have never stood on any skis (even on ordinary ones), you should feel like Gerard DEPARDIER for a while and ride with the breeze on the water surface. Moreover, the staff is always ready to meet the client halfway. There is nothing wrong with that: the water is not asphalt, you will not hurt yourself much.

Water skiing can be pair and jump, as well as slalom (this is when there is only one ski). Beginners should start with regular skis, and if they like, change to “watarslalom” or the so-called wakeboard. This is something of a snowboard, but only on the water. Borders will surely like to ride not from the mountain slope, but on the surface of the lake and remember the lovely winter days.


Like in the movie “On the Crest of a Wave”

I remember that my friend and I, seeing the shaggy and unshaven Patrick Swayze in the movie “On the Crest of the Wave”, also dreamed of fleeing to Australia to ride the stormy waves. Did not work out. This pleasure is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Surfing requires a high ocean wave, which is why all surf schools are located in appropriate locations. Accommodation, food, training and equipment cost a pretty penny, but connoisseurs say it’s worth it.

Unlike surfing, his brother windsurfing does not involve traveling to distant lands. You can do it on any body of water, if there was wind and a board with a sail. As the ancient sailors caught the wind, so you learn navigational tricks. If you are not afraid of water and wind. By the way, windsurfing can be practiced in winter as well. There would be wind and endless snowy plain.

Kitesurfing is a hybrid of the two previous sports + hang gliding. Derived from the English kite (“kite”), it combines gliding on water and flying in the air. Whoever launched a kite in childhood and has already managed to go water skiing will understand what we are talking about. Only in this case our snake is so big that it can lift you into the air and drag you some distance. In general, this is a sport for extreme sports.

Extreme on the beach

Like in the movie “Police Academy”

Film directors, whose action takes place somewhere on the shore, will not hesitate to squeeze everything out of the situation. Various mechanisms are in abundance on “their” beaches (jet ski, aka scooter, airplane, hang-glider), and for a moderate fee anyone can use them. By the way, in Moscow you can also ride a scooter or an airplane.


As in the movie “Underwater World with Jacques-Yves Cousteau”

Diving has recently become a fashionable sport. The great oceanographer Jacques-Yves KUSTO contributed to the popularization of this sport, showing the charms of the underwater world, and then others continued his work. In our country, diving “promoters” are Andrey MAKAREVICH and Leonid YARMOLNIK. If you are not afraid to drown or die from the sight of underwater beauty, we suggest you take a trip (while with an instructor) to the bottom. If you do well, at the end of the course you will be given a diver’s certificate, with which you can rent equipment in any country in the world, provided, of course, an international certificate. As you understand, it is better to dive in the sea-ocean, because at the bottom of our lakes you will not see anything but old car tires and rare fish.


Like in the movie “The Beach”

Despite the fact that the heroes of the film are very fond of making love in such a romantic place as the beach, doctors categorically do not recommend doing this. This is, to say the least, unhygienic, and in some cases it is also hazardous to health. Especially if the steam is in the water. Various microorganisms, not very good, to put it mildly, the composition of the water creates an unfavorable atmosphere for sex. You should not risk your health for a few minutes of pleasure. Although, if you really want to, then you can!

P.S. Catching fish, crayfish, searching for pirate treasures, clearing the pond from algae – these activities can also solve the problem of outdoor activities on the beach, and increase your reputation in the eyes of the local population. You look, you will not only rest and bathe, but you will also bring benefits to society.