Jared Leto’s Rules Of Life Or How To Be Forever Young

We all know Jared Leto, a talented musician and actor. Time seemed to have stopped around him. They call him Dorian Gray, and fans still joke that he drank the blood of babies. Jared Leto is already in his 50s, but his face has not changed at all over the past 20 years. In this article, we will reveal the main secrets of Jared Leto’s youth.

Jared Leto is an actor, rock musician and style icon. And also a person who manages to look 20 years younger than his age. What is the secret of his youth? Everyone wants to stay young, beautiful and healthy as long as possible. MEN’s LIFE decided to figure out what kind of lifestyle Jared leads. It turns out that the actor has a couple of secrets. So let’s go! The rules of life and the secrets of the forever young Jared Leto.

Taboo on alcohol and cigarettes

So, the first secret of Jared Leto’s youth is giving up alcohol and nicotine. Someone will smile maliciously in response to the fact that there are no bad habits in his life: it is no secret that from school and for quite a long time, young Leto experimented with prohibited substances. However, for the past 20 years, the artist has led a radically different lifestyle.

“I still have many vices, but alcohol is not included in them. All jokes aside: even beer is forbidden to me. At some point, I asked myself the question, is this the way that will lead me to the fulfillment of my desires? Is this what I want for myself? This is how my choice came true! “

Healthy, full sleep

Jared Leto admits that sleep is on the list of the main rules of everyday life in his place. Jared manages to sleep in any strange situation. With his crazy touring and filming schedule, it’s tricky. But Leto himself believes that sleep is the main reason for his good health.

“If you travel a lot and don’t sleep, you won’t last long, that’s for sure. I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle and I think it helps me a lot. Apparently, the beauty hack works – I’m almost 50 and there are no wrinkles at all and I look and feel great. Yes, it is very difficult to get enough sleep in conditions of constant time pressure, when every day there is a lot of work in a music studio, in a movie, and with other projects. I try to sleep as often as possible. Another key to calmness is meditation. For me, a good life is a clean life and honest self-care. “

Active procrastination

Another recipe for youth and good mood in a regular reboot. Jared Leto believes that, in addition to sleeping and resting, changing activities is important. Tired of filming – switch to making music. Recorded an album – start working on a new role. Obviously, it’s easier to avoid stress, melancholy and unnecessary addictions.

“My work is my life. Whatever you do, you must have great interest, desire and passion. If this is not in you, then it is better not to do it – you are just wasting your time. My job has never been a job for me. This is my life. If you work really hard, then you will have time to accomplish a lot and you will be happy and proud of this result! “

Outdoor activities

Skinny pants and leather jackets fit the rock musician as flawlessly as they did at the dawn of Thirty Seconds to Mars. Maintaining an athletic form, especially after transforming into films, is very difficult. For some films, Jared has to perform “feats”. In the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” he appeared emaciated: to lose 18 kg, he literally starved. And for the role of Mark Chapman in the movie “Chapter 27”, on the contrary, he had to gain 40 kg: he woke up at night to eat, and earned terrible pain and gout. But still, after each transformation, he returns to his usual form. Jared Leto is assisted by yoga, cycling and active walking in the fresh air. The leader of the rock band devotes a lot of time to sports, but he is basically engaged in it in nature. He runs a lot, loves squats and ab exercises. However, the greatest pleasure for the artist is provided by extreme sports and hiking – hiking in the mountainous terrain.

“I love to ride a bike on all sorts of hills in the wild. I never take my iPod with me, I like listening to the sounds of nature. I use these moments to get rid of music. I write music so often that I don’t need to listen to it just like that. It is important to learn to listen to nature and the world around us, ”says Jared.

Refusal of animal food

In all interviews, Leto admits that he has become a staunch vegan for a long time. Jared has not consumed meat, dairy products or alcohol for 20 years. He also gave up salt and sugar. His diet is based on sprouted grains and unsalted nuts. Favorite dishes are buckwheat pancakes and vegan tacos. Leto himself considers moderation in food consumption as one of the secrets of good appearance.

“I’ve been on this path for a long time: I’ve been a vegan for 20 years and generally take care of myself. I think it helps a lot to keep me well preserved. True, in my work I have to overstep this principle. Such experiments with weight usually leave their mark on health and appearance. But I am philosophical about everything. Preparing for a role like this can be a rewarding but destructive process. As a rule, the body after that changes forever. But people have always fasted and did it to achieve a meditative state. Fasting or eating in moderation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But sometimes you can afford to be pampered. I never eat meat. But if someone’s mom made a cookie and handed it to me, I would probably take a bite. “

Feeling of inner freedom

Daily meditation and a conscious outlook on life, fencing off stress, and therefore aging and unnecessary experiences, is the philosophy of Jared Leto. Yes, he has no time for fooling around, but it is in this that he finds a sense of inner freedom. The artist admits that he does not feel bound hand and foot by responsibilities:

“I feel free to the full. And it seems to me that this is one of the main advantages of an artist, his main luxury. I am free to give up everything and indulge in laziness, another thing I don’t want, I like to act – and this is also my freedom. In order to find balance in this world and your life, you need to find a little time to realize who you are, where you are and why you are here. Do what you love, do today what others do not do, and tomorrow you will live in a way that others cannot. “