How To Choose The Right Socks?

Nothing spoils the impression of a man like socks! Incorrectly selected, they can become the reason that you will always be remembered as “that man in white socks with black shoes.”

Nothing spoils the impression of a man like socks! Incorrectly selected, they can become the reason that you will always be remembered as “that man in white socks with black shoes.” Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of this, um … accessory seriously.

Rule one

The color of men’s socks should match the color of the suit, but be slightly lighter than the color of the shoes. Try to find socks that match your trousers (unless they are black, of course). If you can’t match the color accurately, choose socks that are darker or lighter than your trousers.

White business socks are excluded. Bright, extreme colors are suitable for leisure or sports. Patterns, cartoon characters, inscriptions are also worthless. The pattern on the toe is allowed, but it should be small: moderate English cage, company logos, dots.

Second rule

Keep your socks high. Your bare leg should not be visible, even if you are sitting cross-legged.

Third rule

Of the materials, thin, high-quality cotton is preferred, possibly with a low, no more than 2 percent, lycra content for better wear. Silk socks are worn ONLY under a tailcoat. Don’t overdo it in your quest to be elegant.

Such combinations as wool and cotton, silk and cotton are comfortable. Legs will “breathe” (synthetics in socks should be no more than 5%).

The elastic at the socks should not squeeze the leg. Good socks for this have “press control”, that is, an elastic band that does not squeeze the leg.

Further. It’s even inappropriate to talk about it, but! Dear men, it is customary to wash socks every day. The best option is to buy 7 pairs at once. Then you will always have clean and not very worn out socks at hand.

The price of good socks can sometimes be overwhelming. For example, Nina Ricci, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre produce socks for $ 50-120 per pair. But, as you know, there are other companies that have much cheaper socks.

Approximate color combinations in clothes will help you choose the right socks. So.

  • Gray suit – white, blue, pink, ivory shirt – any color tie – black shoes – socks to match the tie.
  • Charcoal suit – white, light pink, ivory shirt – red and black tie – black boots – black socks.
  • Dark blue suit – white, ivory shirt – gray-red-burgundy tie – black, dark brown boots – gray, burgundy socks.
  • Dark blue suit – white shirt – white-red-blue tie – black boots – dark blue, maroon socks.
  • Dark green suit – ivory shirt – red-green-brown tie – brown shoes – brown socks.
  • Sand suit – light blue shirt – dark blue tie – light brown shoes – light blue socks.
  • Light brown suit – white, pink, tobacco shirt – green, burgundy, red-black tie – coffee, red-brown shoes – burgundy socks.
  • Dark brown suit – white, beige, light pink shirt – green-brown, red-brown tie – brown shoes – coffee, burgundy socks.
  • Black suit – white shirt – silver gray, red and black tie – black boots – smoky, black, dark purple socks.

There is an interesting theory according to which a man’s socks can serve as a clue to his personality. Without taking it too seriously, let’s take a closer look.

Black socks are usually worn by individuals who wash them once a month.

Grays or browns are more commonly worn by conservatives.

Whites are adored by athletes or businessmen with unfounded pretensions to taste.

Bright socks (for example, red) prefer outwardly calm, but easily wound up for any trifle.

Having dealt with the color, let’s move on to a more detailed study of their socks and continue looking at the pictures:

– diamonds or weaves – most likely, they hide the search for their place in life;

– funny images or ridiculous – girls, you are with a playboy;

– stripes and without a pattern – preferred by individuals who wash them once a month.

Of course, the choice of socks is a personal matter for everyone. After all, maybe green socks with a red Spiderman are your signature style?

How to choose the right socks

Do you know how to choose and select the right socks? Far from being a fact. To be honest, too many men spoil their appearance with the wrong choice of socks.

But there are not so many rules, following which you can make the right choice. After all, some socks are only suitable for special occasions, some colors of socks should only be worn with certain clothes, etc. So that you do not spoil your appearance with socks of “interesting color” (see the picture), this article was written.

White socks only for sport

Perhaps one of the most frequently violated rules of modern fashion is wearing white socks outside of sports.

Just the other day I saw an elegant man dressed in a great black suit and black shoes, but when he sat down, white socks peeking out of his shoes ruined the whole experience.

If you’re heading to the gym, white socks will do just fine. You can wear them (they will make you look even better than wearing black socks) when you are going to play outside, for example, playing football or just going for a run in the park.

However, you do not need to wear white socks where you are not going to run, jump or bounce. TABOO. Even with jeans, you need to wear black socks, so pull out your sock drawer and put the white socks closer to your sportswear and away from formal evening wear.

Socks must match pants, not shoes

If you are going to wear formal or regular trousers (except for jeans), then the choice of the color of the socks should not be dictated by the shades of your shoes, but by the color of the trousers. Black trousers with black socks, brown trousers with brown socks. The same applies to blue and gray trousers.

When choosing socks for trousers of other shades, you need to be careful. When choosing socks for your trousers, choose a few pairs and then make your final choice. If you still have doubts, we recommend opting for darker socks.

The reason is simple: if you suddenly have to take off your shoes or when you sit down, you will show off your socks. And if they look harmonious with the color of your trousers, then you made the right choice. On the other hand, inappropriate socks can seriously ruin not only the whole ensemble, but also the overall impression.

DO NOT curl or bend your socks

Unless you were born and raised in the 80s of the last century, when it was fashionable, then you should know that twisting socks at the ankles gives you a sloppy look. Curling your socks isn’t that bad, but it still looks weird as it makes your ankles appear thicker than they actually are, especially when you’re wearing flared pants.

The same will happen if you put on your shoes. When you sit down and your socks are curled or bent, everyone will notice your hairy legs, and at a business meeting, in the office, or when meeting a girl, you will definitely not earn any prize points.

The flashy socks can ONLY be worn at home

Socks with fun colors or your favorite cartoon character are fun, but please don’t leave your home.

Socks with stripes of unimaginable colors and other colorful gags are suitable only for your family and friends, when you are relaxing and doing whatever you want. Wearing such unusual socks in other situations (at work or in a bar or nightclub) will cause people to think about your “normality” or simply will not take you seriously.

Try not to wear socks with shorts

Another common mistake is wearing socks along with shorts. inevitably, you will have to twist or bend your socks, and they themselves are unlikely to stay on your foot all the time.

And above, we have already come to the conclusion that bending and twisting socks does not correspond to the general rules of wearing. Secondly, wearing socks along with shorts visually shortens your legs by almost half, making you appear shorter. And if you are naturally short, then this will definitely look unfavorable to you.

And since you don’t want to leave the house in shorts and no socks, grab a few pairs of short socks that aren’t visible when you put on your sneakers. Also, you don’t need to wear socks with sandals.

What will his socks say about a man?

Socks are incredibly useful. They keep our feet warm in cold weather and bring comfort when wearing shoes. By the way, it is by the socks that you can guess the character and habits of its owner.

1. Polka dot socks

So, for a start, a sock from a series of polka dots, a square, a diamond of bright colors may appear before your gaze. It can be called “funny”. In this case, know that its owner is an interesting person, relaxed and very sociable. He can start a conversation with any girl and find a common language with all the neighbors and mother’s friends. At school, all the teachers loved him, at work all women are drawn to him. In life, he is a clown and a cheerleader. It is really easy to communicate with such a person, but to be one and only is difficult. There is too much competition in terms of conversations, walks and get-togethers.

2. Zoo on toes

Rarely, but there are also such specimens of men who wear socks with dogs, elephants or Santa Claus. These are exactly the socks that mothers and ex-wives buy them for 100 rubles for 5 pairs. They are of disgusting quality, but exotic design. If you caught a man doing this, you should know: he did not just fall into childhood, but it is quite possible that he is a mama’s boy who is indifferent to his appearance. A normal man would never buy himself such an outrage with images of different animals. He entrusts these affairs to a woman close to him. However, he can also shift the making of other decisions to her.

3. Sports socks

If he wears sports socks, chances are he devotes a lot of time to his health and sports. He is athletic, disciplined and tries not to miss workouts. It is quite possible that such a man will be able to arrange an enchanting performance for you in bed, since he is so well-formed and keeps himself in good shape!

4. Black monochromatic

Yes, he is a real conservative. Here you have to take a closer look at how worn out the socks. If it is strong, it means that he bought the first ones that came across, if the new ones, it means that he really follows his image. It is important that black socks are worn under your shoes. This is a rule that every man should know: socks should match the tone of the shoes. And if your chosen one is wearing black socks with white shoes, it means that he is a rare lazy person who does not like washing and changing socks by itself.

4. Socks in different corners of the room

A man throwing socks around the room is clearly untied and sloppy. He doesn’t really care about his things. It will be extremely difficult to collect such a slob, but, as they say, an attempt is not torture. Pay attention, is he not confusing his scattered socks while awake and don’t end up putting on different ones? If so, do not be surprised that one day you will be called by a wrong name. He’s just too loose and inconsiderate.

5. Knots of socks

Are there knots of socks hidden around the corners? This means that their owner is a secretive person, a little suspicious. However, he also has a positive quality: he completes everything he has begun and fixes the results, as if tying them on a nautical knot. He also does not like to lose anything and values ​​his time. Agree that sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the missing pair in the chaos in the room.

6. Ironed socks

Yes, and that happens sometimes. Especially if he lives with his mother, especially if she has nothing to do. So, between watching Brazilian TV shows, a mother ironing her son’s socks, calling him at work, and checking his location in the evenings. He’s a mama’s boy or a creepy pedant who can get mad even with a speck on the table.

7. Leaky socks

Holes in your socks? He clearly lacks female affection and care. Maybe you should give him decent support, mend a couple of socks, cook food or clean up the apartment? Such a type abandoned by women will be so delighted with your attention that he will be ready to carry you in his arms.