Which Nation Travels More Than Others

In our time of affordable airfare and accommodation, it seems that only the lazy travel. And people from almost every country in the world go abroad every year to get new experiences. Which nation does this more often than others? We know the answer

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) collects data on all air travel in order to obtain reliable statistics. The organization’s analysts have presented a report that says who are the most avid travelers in the world. They are British citizens.

As of 2018, out of the total number of passengers, as much as 8.6% were UK citizens. That’s 126 million tourists traveling by plane. They are followed by residents of the United States: 115 million Americans made up 7.6% of all who went on vacation aboard an airliner.

In third place were the citizens of China with 97 million tourists, which is equal to 6.6%. Then there are the Germans, 94 million of them visited abroad last year (6.4%). The top five are closed by residents of France, about 60 million French people (4.1%) flew to another state.

And the international organization Henley & Partners has provided a rating of countries whose citizens have the most opportunities to travel without a visa. From this position, it is most beneficial to have a passport of Japan, Singapore or South Korea. Visa-free travel to 189 countries of the world is open for these three Asian states.