How to Care for a Beard in Winter

The winter period is quite difficult both for your mental and physical health, and for the condition of your hair. This concerns, of course, not only styling, which by the end of the day, due to the cap, loses its former volume and accuracy. We are talking about the beard, because it also suffers from temperature changes, cold winds, high humidity and frost.

From November to March, you need to take care of your facial hair especially actively. Care begins, of course, with hygiene. “Wash your beard with special soap or shampoo. The composition of specialized products includes a large amount of natural oils that moisturize and soften the hair, give it a lively shine, restore dry skin, which is especially important during the cold season,” recommends an expert. “It is better to wash your beard twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. In the first half of the day, you cleanse your skin and hair and prepare them for the application of other care products, and before going to bed you remove excess makeup and dirt that has settled on your face during the day.

The next step is to use the balm. “After washing, you need to apply the product on the towel-dried bristles and dry and stretch the beard with the help of a hair dryer and a skeleton comb,” says the expert. “The product will fix the shape, remove protruding hair, and also protect against environmental influences.”

The final touch will be the application of beard oil: “A few drops of the product should be well warmed up in the palms and evenly distributed over the beard and mustache area. The tool will soften the bristles, relieve the skin of irritation and itching, the active ingredients in the composition will also saturate the epidermis with moisture, which will prevent the face from suffering from frost, ”adds the barber.