So now having a slim wallet is good, or?

In today’s economy, the UK high street is gaining business at this time of year because of the receipt of bad weather. Retailers such as Next have already produced their famous 5am sales which happen twice per year – summer and winter. Although financial experts admit that the UK and worldwide economy is struggling, it seems that we’re constantly spending which requires a wallet that doesn’t put us out of pocket but should store all of our personal finances within it.

You may think that women have the upperhand when it comes to wallets and purses however, designer brands are constantly looking at expanding their image towards men. Depending on your budget, you may think that some of the options available are out of your price range just to keep everything safe in your pockets but if you look a little deeper online, you will find some pretty amazing independent brands rising from the ground offering a great deal on your next wallet.

One of the great places to look for your next wallet is Etsy, especially if having a unique design is one of the pointers on your specification. SlimFold Wallet, created by Dave Zuverink, is one of the minimalistic yet smallest wallets I’ve ever come across. Formed from the material Tyvek, which is almost indestructible, the wallet is not only waterproof but recyclable and impossible to tear.

Zuverink was motivated to make the SlimFold Wallet because of the trouble he had found with other wallets. His wallet and his iPhone overfilled his pocket when they were in there together. A suggestion of using 2 pockets for the separate items is common but what if you only have one pocket? This is where the SlimFold Wallet is very useful.

The SlimFold Wallet is able to be so thin, even with cards and cash inside because of the arrangement when the product was in construction. A typical wallet overlaps the cards making it fill out more whereas the SlimFold puts the cards next to each other, even though they remain in their separate pockets. The wallet, which comes in a variety of smart colour combinations including orange, grey , black & orange (pictured) and black & grey, is able to hold 10 cards, plus notes and an ID card at any given time. It is advised that you don’t insert 2 cards into one slot as this stretches the slot and the cards will eventually become loose.

The negative point I found with this on a daily basis is the lack of a coin pocket for keeping the small amount of change I carry around on a daily basis just in case but as this saves space, I’m sure you won’t mind a few coins rattling around.

The SlimFold Wallet by Dave Zuverink can be found at and on Etsy for $20 (£13 excluding shipping).


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