You Already Broke Your Resolution

equinox commi51 You Already Broke Your Resolution

Maybe you should put down that cream cheese-topped bagel?

A mere four days after New Year’s, as office workers are slowly settling into their desks for the long winter while figuring out a way to keep up the charade of gym-going and dieting, the high-end gym released its 2020 advertising campaign. Called Commit to Something and lensed by the famous fashion photographer Steven Klein (their second collaboration), the images are erotic and highly stylized—keeping in line with both Klein’s and Equinox’s aesthetic. “Bold choices bring big results—in fitness and life,” says the temple of fitness. How this relates to images of a woman breastfeeding two infants at a fancy restaurant, a man in his undies licking money on a couch, or a shirtless forest ritual is beyond us, but all the rippling abs are a definite reminder that if you want to, you know, actually get fit before the summer, you better put down the bagels that your evil coworker brought to the office this morning.

In the meantime you could take our advice on how to actually keep those resolutions.