TOP 10 Mistakes During Training In The Fall

Training in the cold season has its own specifics. Without knowing it, people make mistakes that have a bad effect on the training process. In today’s article, we will tell you what factors are undesirable during physical exercise on the street.

1. No warm-up

Warming up before the main exercise group prepares the muscles for stress and reduces the likelihood of injury. Going in for sports in the fall without warming up your muscles is risky. They are less elastic during cooler seasons, so they are more likely to be damaged. Stretching is also undesirable.

As a warm-up, there can be body bends, squats, light jogging. It is important to warm up the muscles in your thighs, calves, ankles and knees before running.

2. Warming up outside in the wrong clothes

Outdoor sportswear is lightweight and breathable. It is designed for active exercise. But when the temperature outside is near freezing or colder, during the warm-up you can get hypothermic and hurt your muscles.

The preparatory exercises are best done before leaving the house or in the entrance. It will be enough five to ten minutes, and you can go outside.

3. No hat and scarf

In cold autumn, it is important to wear a scarf and hat. The head and neck are quickly hypothermic, unlike other parts of the body. For sports, you can wear a buff and a knitted hat. You can also wear a balaclava. It is important that these items are breathable and comfortable during exercise.

4. Unsuitable shoes

Running shoes in the fall should be protected from water ingress and keep warm, unlike summer options. It is desirable that the shoes have reflective elements. So, the athlete will be noticeable during evening classes, and it gets dark early in the fall.

Feet in unsuitable shoes freeze quickly. As a result, the athlete may catch a cold and generally feel unwell.

5. Insufficient water intake

During training in cool autumn, you don’t really want to drink. But the body still loses fluid. Experts advise drinking water before, during, and after exercise. It is better not to bring yourself to a feeling of strong thirst. Otherwise, there will be dehydration and poor health. If you are working out for a long time, put on a small backpack with water in it.

6. Finishing outdoor workout

The body warmed up by exercise cools quickly outside, so you can get hypothermic and get sick. After completing vigorous exercise, you do not need to stay in the cold to cool down. The final stage of training should be done at home in a warm place.

7. Exercise only in the gym

With the advent of cold weather, the number of people in gyms is increasing. Because of this, the risk of contracting ARVI increases. Experts recommend going beyond indoor workouts. On the street, it is advisable to do jogging or strength exercises on open equipped sports grounds. In addition, outdoor exercise oxygenates the body and improves skin tone and well-being.

8. The diet is low in vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are part of a healthy diet. They saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, help maintain normal weight. In addition, these low-calorie foods contain fiber, which not only saturates, but also aids in the digestion of food. WHO recommends eating 400 grams of fruits and vegetables daily.

9. Training in case of illness

If you feel unwell and there are obvious signs of illness, exercise should be postponed until you recover. Moreover, it is advisable to take time off from work to go home and ensure complete rest and bed rest. Otherwise, the negative consequences will not be long in coming. The course of the disease can worsen, not to mention the state of health.

10. Rapid return to sports after recovery

ARVI can last 3 – 7 days without significant complications. After overcoming the virus, the body will be weakened. Therefore, you do not need to go to workout as soon as the temperature has subsided or the symptom has disappeared. You need to rest for at least a few days in order for the body to regain strength.

If you avoid these mistakes, training in the fall will benefit your physical form, improve your well-being, mood and help keep your weight under control. It is important to do them regularly, and then the positive effect will not be long in coming.