Scientists Think Stress is Contagious

Stress arises as a result of responding to situations that disturb emotional peace. It can be competitions, difficult and responsible tasks, danger to life and health. As it turned out, stress affects not only the person faced with the listed situations, but also the people around him.

Scientists believe that the stressful state of one person is transmitted to others like an infectious disease.

To obtain information, an experiment was conducted with the participation of volunteers. It turned out that people who were even for a short time near a person in a stressful state also began to experience emotional anxiety.

The participants in the experiment were divided into 2 groups of 5 people. Scientists have shaped their team spirit. One participant from each group had to solve a difficult problem faster than an opponent. The rest of the volunteers supported and watched her decision. At the same time, scientists took a saliva sample from people to determine the amount of stress hormone.

As a result of information processing, it turned out that people succumbed to stress when they felt team spirit. In particular, the presence of a person in a state of stress became the reason for its spread to other people.

As it turned out, stress in one person, like a virus, is transmitted to other people. The experiment finds confirmation in everyday life. When people support one of the sides of the confrontation, they involuntarily begin to experience the same emotions as the object of support.