Who Was Named the Sexiest Man in 2020?

Let’s not torment. you American actor Michael B. Jordan was crowned by People magazine as the sexiest man of 2020. Presenter Jimmy Kimmel announced this live.

Initially, Jordan appeared on an evening talk show incognito: wearing a yellow bio-protective suit. But he soon revealed his identity by removing his helmet. Michael admitted that being aware of being a sex symbol is “a really cool feeling.” “You know, everyone was always joking: “Mike, this is the only title that you will probably never get,” the main character laughed.

The 33-year-old star of Creed, Black Panther and The Wire said that the women in his family are “definitely proud of it.” And according to the classics: he thanks all those close to him for supporting him all these years.

Recall that in the past this title was awarded to such famous men as John Legend, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Adam Levin, Channing Tatum and David Beckham.