Scientist Shocker! 24 Hour Days Are Getting Shorter

Researchers dealing with the Earth’s rotation have made a sensational statement. In the summer of 2020, an event happened that could lead to irreparable consequences – the Earth accelerated its rotation along its axis!

Scientists were shocked! There are no longer 24 hours in a day

Timekeepers are concerned about this fact. Although the increase in rotation speed is noticeable only at the atomic level. However, the world’s luminaries of science cannot come to a consensus – whether it is necessary to add to the atomic clock that counts the time on the planet, “leap second” (as scientists called it).

Previously, the Earth spent 86.4 thousand seconds per revolution, but since the summer of 2020, this figure has decreased. The days pass by half a second less than the prescribed 24 hours, the researchers said. It would seem – only 0.5 seconds, but it pulls global changes with it.

Scientists have determined the shortest day that has happened since the beginning of man’s accounting of the time of the earth’s revolutions. It turned out to be the date of July 19, 2020. Then, instead of a full 24 hours, the day was shorter by 1.4602 milliseconds. And in total, since 1960, throughout 2020, as many as 28 short days have been recorded.

Timekeepers are worried about this discovery, they say that if the speed of the earth’s rotation increases, then this revealed negative leap second will need to be added.