What Blood Type Makes People Sexually Attractive

Blood is often the subject of research by scientists. She can provide information not only about health, but also about character and sexuality.

Scientists have found out which blood type makes people sexually attractive.

To obtain information, a study was conducted with the participation of 3000 young volunteers with different blood groups. Participants filled out questionnaires in which they indicated which traits and features they were attracted to when assessing the opposite sex. It was also necessary to indicate your most pronounced character traits.

After processing the information, the scientists came to the conclusion that the attractive features listed in the questionnaires are mainly found in the owners of the second blood group. In addition, the organizers of the experiment found out that people with the third blood group tend to show tenderness and emotionality. The owners of the fourth group are prone to romance.

Also, scientists have identified other features:

Group 1: determination, patience, endurance;

Group 2: hard work, accuracy, responsibility;

Group 3: the ability to adapt to changes in circumstances;

Group 4: leader’s traits, organization, ability to take control of emotions.

At the moment, scientists have not yet clarified how blood is associated with personality traits and sex appeal. Follow our news and be one of the first to know about new research.