Childbirth Can Trigger Male Postpartum Depression

One in 10 men runs the risk of succumbing to depression during pregnancy and after the baby is born

Having a baby can trigger male postpartum depression

Researchers have found that postpartum depression occurs not only in women, but also in men. Various independent studies have been carried out to obtain this result. The researchers have found that one in ten men runs the risk of succumbing to depression during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby.

The birth of a new life is an important moment, which implies changes in almost everything. This stage of life causes a lot of excitement and stress for both women and men. Scientists consider this emotional state as normal and natural. But if there are daily challenges that are not easy to cope with, the negative consequences will not be long in coming.

In addition, many husbands feel neglected and even abandoned by their wives during pregnancy. The situation may become particularly acute if there is a lack of support from the wife. Also at risk are those men who are experiencing difficulties at work or have an unsatisfactory income.

This state of affairs can have a negative effect on health, affecting appetite, sleep and physical fitness. This in turn can lead to heart problems. That’s why it’s so important to take the right attitude towards having a baby, to understand your wife’s interesting situation and to focus on the joyful moments of family life ahead of you.

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