What Do You Need To Know To Not Ruin Your First Kiss?

Women often make the decision whether or not to agree to continue the evening after the first kiss. So it is important to know the following things.

Check the breath

“The smell of licorice is one of the most powerful tools for provoking female arousal,” says Dr Alan Hirsch of the American Smell and Taste Research Centre in Chicago. So there’s an excuse to buy licorice lollipops on your way to your date.

Find the right place

Forget quiet restaurants and secluded park benches. The best place for a kiss is a rowdy bar or concert venue. The atmosphere, noise and music will kick up an adrenaline rush that will heighten sexual excitement, while the tightness will provide the perfect excuse to snuggle up against her.

Look closely at her lips

It’s sometimes said that a partner’s interest can be traced by her lips – if they’ve become a little bigger and brighter. The blood flow increases, they say, and the woman is probably aroused. In this case, it’s hard to say anything for sure, but you can definitely check the opposite effect: if your partner looks at your lips herself, it’s definitely a good sign. While kissing, lightly massage the back of her head and neck with your fingertips – this will further increase arousal.