Why People Get The Holiday Blues?

Experts explained why people tend to be sad on holidays

After a noisy celebration, sadness often overcomes. And sometimes causeless longing appears during or even before the long-awaited holiday. Emotional health professionals reassure you that these feelings are completely natural. They talked about the reason for the sad emotions.

Scientists identify several reasons for longing at once. According to Jenny Hudson of Macquarie University, it is usually a difference between expectations and reality. A person imagines a holiday in a completely different way. And the difference of what is happening from certain expectations causes cognitive dissonance and melancholy.

Also, often the reason lies in the fact that you do not want to waste time preparing for the event: organizing a gala dinner, choosing gifts, and so on. Before birthdays or anniversaries, people bring up the past and analyze it, which can also cause mild sadness.

For many, melancholy rolls over during the New Year holidays. Pondering the past year, people come to the conclusion that there were too many difficulties and stress in it. And if at the same time it was not possible to achieve all the goals set, this further enhances the melancholic mood.