Skiing vs Snowboarding

Winter has come, and with it the cold and the desire to lie down on the sofa … Or maybe it’s time to change your habits, dress warmly and go to ski resorts to conquer the snowy slopes?

Winter came, and with it cold, snowdrifts and … the desire to lie down on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket and start watching TV, and spend the whole season in this position. Or maybe it’s time to change your habits, dress warmly and go to ski resorts to conquer the snowy slopes? If this year you still decided to immerse yourself in winter sports, then be sure to read this article to the end.

It’s up to you to decide what to choose – a board or a ski. And most often this decision comes from the experience and recommendations of the immediate environment. But you just have to try yourself both on skiing and snowboarding.

How long does it take to learn?

How soon will I be doing mind-blowing snowboarding tricks and zigzags on skis?

Remember that you will not learn this quickly and it will take a certain amount of time, which depends on your physical fitness, your vestibular apparatus and other factors.

It will take a couple of days to learn to more or less confidently stand on skis and slide off an easy track. After all, it is not easy to coordinate the movements of the legs and arms. As for mastering the board to this level, then you will need several hours of training.

In order for a skier to learn off-piste skiing, a lot of diligence is required, because bumps, loose snow will hinder the beginner in every possible way. It will be easier for a snowboarder in this regard, the board is ideal for off-piste riding.

How traumatic?

It has been proven by the experience of the students that the first stages of skiing training pass practically without falling, thanks to two poles, which are a good help. But in the case of a board, falling – these are almost integral moments in training.

In the future, boarders receive injuries to the collarbones and hands, but skiers’ legs are more likely to suffer.

What is faster?

If we compare world records, then skis accelerate to 250 km / h, and snowboard to 200 km / h.

Which is cheaper?

For both the skier and the snowboarder, a set of skis, poles, boots and bindings and a set of boards, boots, bindings, respectively, will cost almost the same.

Both in the first and in the second case, the kit can be purchased inexpensive, but not entirely of high quality up to $500, and you can also buy a pretty good one, but far from cheap, from $2000 and above.

As for the form of clothing (although it may not be), then only at one glance at the skier, you might think that he is inherent in narcissism and a sense of style. The snowboarder’s uniform is more practical and less flashy. But this is already a matter of taste.

Summing up

Skis are created for those who are constantly striving for self-improvement and their own daily victories over their spirit and body. Skiers know exactly what they need and believe that the world around them has already been sufficiently explored by their inquisitive mind. These people work hard and hard, and ultimately demonstrate their skills and achievements.

Snowboard will be chosen by those who are more eager to learn the world around them, and are not so scrupulously fixated on their micro movements and technique. Snowboarders are in a state of constant search for their own unique trajectory and their Path.

There is a saying that clearly demonstrates the difference between skiers and snowboarders – “Skis for those who like to Reach, boards – for those who like to Solve.”