TOP TV Series for a Winter Evening: Premieres and Long-awaited Sequels

The pandemic has forced many TV companies to pause filming of planned projects. But, even so, during the winter holidays we will have something to see. Here is a selection of the most interesting winter novelties. And also the release dates for the sequels of your favorite TV series.

First, let us tell you which popular TV shows are returning to screens at the beginning of winter. The highly anticipated Euphoria special will air on December 7th. Everyone’s favorite “Shameless” will return on December 6th. Also in December, 16.12, the new season of “The Expanse” starts.

All fans of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” have very little to wait. New episodes will be available on Netflix on New Year’s Eve. And fans of the series “Cobra Kai” will be able to watch the new season at the beginning of January, namely on the 8th, on the same service.

On January 5, NBC will present the sequel to Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. The new season of Dickinson kicks off on January 8th, American Gods on January 10, and Home with servant “(Servant).

But the new premieres are much more interesting. Among them there are many truly epic projects, dramas, mysticism and much more.

1. Your Honor, release date: 6th of December

The same director worked on this crime drama as on “Patrick Melrose”. And the main role was played by Brian Cranston, the star of the show “Breaking Bad”. The plot revolves around the influential, honest and law-abiding judge Michael Desiato. His son knocked down a man to death and fled from the scene of the tragedy. Now Michael must step over his principles to protect his son. This is complicated by the fact that the victim’s parents are related to the criminal world and want revenge at any cost.

2. The Wilds, 11th of December

The new series from Amazon Prime promises to delight both fans of the legendary “Lost” and those who love “Riverdale”. Project Wilds combines the best features of teenage drama, action, and a mysterious island survival story. After a plane crash, several high school girls find themselves completely alone, far from civilization. Now the girls need to forget about their differences. Together, figure out what happened and how to get home.

3. The Stand, 17th of December

Film adaptations of Stephen King’s books always attract the attention of a wide audience. And there is also a very relevant plot here – a global pandemic. So this show is definitely worth watching. After the leak of the deadly virus, the whole world is in panic: people are dying, civilization is collapsing. Some of the survivors are trying with all their might to return to normal life. The rest follow the mysterious sorcerer who wants to rule the world. Who will prevail is intrigue even for those who have read the novel. Maestro King wrote a new ending specifically for this script.

4. Brigerton, 25th of December

The film adaptation of Julia Quinn’s cycle of books is somewhat reminiscent of “Gossip Girl” in the scenery of England at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It should be a long-running family saga. The Bridgerton family has eight children, four daughters and the same number of sons. Each of them wants not only to find love, but also recognition in high society. Of course, it won’t do without adventures and funny curiosities.

5. Firefly Lane, 31st of December

On New Year’s Eve, another book adaptation will be released. This time the attention of TV people was attracted by the novel of the same name by Christine Hanna. Starring the brilliant Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy). The story will tell about the strong friendship of two women. In the life of the quiet Kate, there is everything you need, except for real friends. Careerist Tully, on the other hand, is accustomed to heading over to success. Such different heroines will be united by a sudden common tragedy that will turn their world upside down.

6. Call Me Kat, 3rd of January

An American adaptation of the British sitcom Miranda will be released on Fox early this year. The big bang stars Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik worked on the remake. Kat is almost forty, but she never stops dreaming. The woman leaves a good job, takes the money set aside for the wedding, and opens a cat cafe. Nobody supports her, not even her own mother. But Kat does not succumb to difficulties and raises the business to its feet, while finding herself in various funny situations.

7. The Watch, 3rd of January

Fantasy TV series filmed by the BBC based on the novels by Terry Pratchett. The city of Ankh-Morpork is mired in corruption and lawlessness. Not only people live here, but also all kinds of fabulous creatures. To restore order, the head of the city legalizes the Thieves Guild. Now, in order to steal, you need to get a license. The new rules leave the city guards practically out of work. Guard Captain Vimes (Richard Dormer, Game of Thrones) is gradually drinking himself intoxicated. But a real dragon appears in the city. Now Vimes needs to somehow take control of the situation.

8. Mr. Mayor, 7th of January

A light comedy from the masters of the genre, from under whose pen such a masterpiece as “Unyielding Kimmy Schmidt” came out. Elderly businessman Ted is jokingly running for mayor of Los Angeles. Of course he wins. And Ted will figure out how to run an entire city along the way. He will have to not only delve into the intricacies of politics, build relationships with subordinates, but also solve family problems.

9. WandaVision, 15th of January

Fans of the Marvel universe should love the new project, which will feature their favorite characters. The central figure of the story will be Wanda – the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), as well as her husband Vision (Paul Bettany). Chronologically, the plot continues the fourth part of The Avengers. After Thanos seems to have killed Vision, he and his wife find themselves in the quiet town of Westview. At first, their life seems perfect, but gradually the heroes begin to suspect that something strange is happening around. Fans are anticipating a lot of Easter eggs. Including the new film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which is expected to be released in 2022.

10. Walker, 21st of January

After the Supernatural finale, project star Jared Padalecki immediately landed the lead role in a new CW action movie. This is a reboot of the popular 90s TV series “Cool Walker” with Chuck Norris. After working undercover for two years, a ranger named Walker returns home. He has to fight crime, build relationships with his brother, children, partners. And also reveal the secret of the death of his wife.

11. Around the World in 80 Days, exact release date unknown

The famous novel by Jules Verne has received a new adaptation. This time the adventurer Phileas Fogg will be played by David Tennant (Doctor Who). The plot is classic: Fogg bet a bet and now has to travel around the world in 80 days. And although at first glance in the nineteenth century it seems impossible, the hero sets out on a journey. In which new friends, enemies, funny and dangerous adventures await him.