Why Drinking Tomato Juice is Essential After the Christmas Holiday Binge?

Tomatoes contain many useful ingredients. Therefore, their use will have a great effect on health. This is especially true in winter, after long holidays, when the body needs additional support, experts say.

Tomato juice has a very rich composition. It contains fiber, beta-carotene, pectin, and almost the entire group of vitamins B. Tomatoes are also rich in other vitamins: PP, C, H and K. And also minerals: potassium, iodine, calcium, sulfur.

Scientists have proven that a vegetable drink has a good effect on metabolism and kidney function. Helps the body cleanse itself of toxic substances and lower cholesterol. This product will be especially useful after festive feasts, because it normalizes the digestion processes.

Tomatoes also act as antioxidants, preventing premature aging. They moisturize the skin and increase its elasticity. Vegetable juice has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helping to overcome stress.

The positive effect of the drink on blood pressure has also been proven. If you regularly use it for hypertension, the pressure returns to normal and does not jump. Scientists tend to believe that tomato juice improves the health of the cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems. That is why it should definitely be included in the New Year’s menu.