Star of Bethlehem Visible For First Time in 800 Years

Such a phenomenon as so called Star of Bethlehem is a mysterious symbol of Christmas, described in the Gospel, which gave rise to legends and centuries of controversy. Scientists who explained the phenomenon from a scientific point of view joined the discussion.

While the debate between science and religion lasts, a rare phenomenon can be observed anywhere in the world in December.

For the first time in eight hundred years, the star of Bethlehem will appear in the sky. Scientists announce that Saturn and Jupiter will be very close to each other on December 21, resulting in the formation of the Star of Bethlehem. You can observe the phenomenon from anywhere in the world.

Astronomers say Jupiter is easy to recognize. The planet is brighter than others. Saturn is less bright, but recognizable due to its golden hue. In addition, it can be calculated by location. The celestial body is located in the eastern part of Jupiter on the celestial dome. Compared to other planets, Saturn and Jupiter are constantly shining, not flickering.

According to the calculations of scientists, in this century, the planets approach each other every 20 years. The next convergence will occur on November 5, 2040. However, the same maximum proximity of Jupiter and Saturn will be observed only after 60 years.

The phenomenon was last seen from Earth in 1226. Astronomers also found that the Star of Bethlehem rose in 1623, but was not noticeable due to the fact that the planets approached the Sun.

In 2020, the Star of Bethlehem will rise four days before Catholic Christmas.