What Food Products Increase Male Potency?

When health problems arise or if you want positive changes (to lose weight, improve your well-being, the state of the body), people often rush to buy pharmaceuticals. However, you can make a difference with healthy, affordable food.

Prolonged sexual intercourse and a stable erection indicate that everything is in order with potency. Her condition is influenced by many factors – hormones, blood circulation, emotional state. If “sexual” difficulties have begun, in some cases the problem must be looked for in the body – to find out what went wrong.

In men over 50 years of age, erection may worsen due to vascular problems and impaired blood circulation. Then it is important first of all to eliminate the cause with the help of a doctor. Younger men may also experience problems with potency, for example, due to frequent nervous strain, lack of sleep. Often, stimulants are used to supposedly improve the situation. However, they do not give a stable effect, are rather quickly addictive and create stress on the heart.

Products that improve potency

A balanced and wholesome diet improves overall health and wellness. It also has a positive effect on potency. The sexual function of men reacts quickly if the body lacks useful and nutrients.

Experts recommend including foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, B1 in the diet. Also useful are zinc and potassium. They improve the work of blood vessels, heart and blood circulation, which is important for men’s health.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of products.


Among the spices, it is best to give preference to cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, fenugreek, hot peppers, and cloves. These foods not only improve blood circulation, but also increase energy.

Seeds and nuts

Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, pine nuts will be useful. They contain healthy fats as well as vitamins. Pumpkin seeds are also important due to their zinc content.


Seafood contains many substances that are beneficial to men’s health. Oysters and fish of the salmon family will be especially useful.


Among fruits, it is better to give preference to bananas, strawberries, avocado, watermelon, currants. With a lack of fruit in the diet, there is often a lack of vitamins, which can have a bad effect on an erection and provoke a breakdown.

Red wine and bitter chocolate

Red wine and dark chocolate can be consumed in moderation. They improve mood, and wine also has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. The beneficial effect is the resveratrol content in alcohol.

In addition to a healthy diet, experts recommend that men lead a healthy lifestyle and consult a doctor in a timely manner in case of the appearance of alarming symptoms – pain, burning, frequent going to the toilet. It is not safe to self-medicate. You need to immediately go to an appointment with a urologist.

An important nuance

The listed food products will help improve potency, if the main problem with it is the wrong diet. But if there are problems with hormones, nervous tension and blood vessels, it is necessary to eliminate the cause and simultaneously adjust the diet.

Nutrition affects people more than it might seem at first glance. What will be the impact depends on what foods and how much a person consumes. With the help of a properly selected diet, you can reduce weight, improve well-being, appearance and male health.