Is Tuesday The Hardest Day of the Week?

Scientists have succeeded in refuting the common myth that Monday is the most difficult of all days of the week.

Scientists: the hardest day of the week is tuesday

British scientists have succeeded in refuting the widespread myth that Monday is the most difficult of all days of the week. In fact, Tuesday is the hardest thing for people to endure.

According to researchers, Monday, which until today was considered the most difficult and difficult day, in fact, is not. On the contrary, scientists noted that on the first day of the week at 10:00, people’s work capacity reaches its peak. But the very next day, on Tuesday, it falls to the lowest low of the entire week – this happens at about 16:00.

Monday is considered the most difficult, to a greater extent because it is usually preceded by a great weekend, after a rest on which it is very difficult to move away and again plunge into working days.

But such an idea is fundamentally wrong, because a two-day rest, according to psychologists, just charges a person with energy and gives him the necessary strength to work and start new things. And the dislike for Monday is just a psychological factor. Experts say that the main thing is to start the morning right, for example, by taking a walk in the fresh air or treating yourself to your favorite healthy dessert. And then any day of the week will be much easier than it might initially seem.