TOP 10 Main Trends Of Healthy Eating In 2021

Since 2016, the American company Whole Foods Market, which specializes in the sale of organic products, has been annually creating a selection of healthy eating trends for the next year.

Many interesting healthy food trends are expected in 2021. The trend list includes simple yet unusual foods, oils, the king of chickpeas, organic jerky snacks, mysterious kombucha, and a host of other organic foods.

1. Strengthen the immune system: clementines, ginger and garlic

ginger garlic

Taking care of your health is the main thing that we have learned in 2020. In 2021, you shouldn’t forget about your well-being either. This is an obvious food trend that no one has been able to put aside since the 2020 pandemic.

This year, pantries and refrigerators will replenish:

  • Superfoods. Flax, goji berries, cranberries, pomegranates, sea buckthorn, Turkish delight.
  • Probiotics. Yoghurts, sauerkraut, kefir, soft cheeses.
  • Broths. Navar from meat, fish, vegetables.
  • Plants and spices. Onions, garlic, ginger, kombucha.
  • Citrus. Clementines, lemon.

“Your food should be medicine, and your medicine should be food.” – Hippocrates

In 2021, it is fashionable, useful to eat anything that boosts immunity. Delicious, healthy food is the best medicine and effective disease prevention

2. What’s for breakfast?

Remote work has saved office workers from long journeys on public transport. So, the time saved can be safely spent on preparing a delicious, and most importantly healthy, healthy breakfast. The first meal should be balanced and nutritious. For breakfast they now prepare:

  1. Keto pancakes with cottage cheese, mushrooms. These are pancakes almost familiar to us, but instead of wheat they contain almond flour, instead of sugar – the sweetener erythritol. You can also add psyllium, a detoxifying and purifying agent.
  1. Vegetarian sausages. This is a meatless dish with soy, wheat protein. Sausages will perfectly complement pasta, rice, buckwheat porridge, bulgur, couscous or quinoa.
  1. Oatmeal with fruit. This delicacy has not been canceled. Add trendy goji berries and a little flax to the oatmeal and you have a top food trend of 2021.

3. Time for creativity

2021 is a time of experimentation and non-standard combinations. Spices, sauces, basic foods can be anything, the main thing is to cook in a different way. With the quarantine, we have more time for cooking.

We are more often in the kitchen, which means it’s time to improve the old favorite recipes. For example, potatoes can be exchanged for pumpkin, basil for arugula, sugar for stevia. In a word, let your creativity run wild.

4. Coffee break

We’ve known for a long time that coffee is always a good idea. But it can be consumed not only as a hot drink. This product is added to desserts, cocktails, granola and even pancakes. In 2021, the caffeine allowance per day can be made into a delicious snack or part of a meal. Coffee in moderate doses is tasty and healthy, the main thing is not to overdo it.

5. Organic baby food

In 2021, baby food companies will make it all-natural. The novelty will include new healthy combinations, an abundance of flavors.

More nutritional ingredients will appear in baby food. Parents can rest assured about the health of their child.

6. Food from food waste

This is a new trend that began to gain popularity in the second half of 2020. Food from processed products is a way to use natural resources more rationally. Food waste is a big problem and food companies have begun to realize this.

Therefore, in 2021, many of them intend to focus their activities on the maximum processing of food waste. The stems, pulp and even leaves of all kinds of plants will be processed into edible tasty snacks.

It will benefit the human appetite and the environment. The whole world, and we are ready to do so in order to minimize the amount of garbage, to make new kitchen habits. Let’s start composting waste together and recycle as much as possible to preserve nature.

7. Expanding the range of oils

In addition to sunflower and olive oils, it is popular to add other vegetable oils to food. Any favorite recipe can be modified with pumpkin seed oil or walnut oil.

Each of the oils has a unique taste, aroma and will add variety to the usual food. Try flaxseed oil, coconut oil, and others on the shelves at your favorite supermarket.

8. Kombucha is the new mainstream

This is a drink made on the basis of kombucha, which began filling store shelves with lightning speed. Kombucha is not a novelty for us, but a long-forgotten delicious drink. Now it has become a trend in 2021 and will probably be even more popular. Fans of this drink have probably noticed that alcoholic kombucha has appeared. And this drink will quite realistically become the mainstream of 2021. It is gluten-free, but it contains a lot of probiotics.

9. Bean innovation

One of the most popular products in the new year is chickpeas. Prepared in many ways, chickpeas are a protein-rich, versatile miracle ingredient. In terms of its useful qualities, the product is not inferior to cauliflower. They make of it:

  • cereals;
  • flour;
  • tofu.

And from these ingredients, many gourmet dishes are created. Chickpeas are the star of vegetarian recipes. Well-known brands have already adopted this product and are engaged in large-scale production.

10. Snacks from dried vegetables and fruits

This is the new trend of 2021 that will conquer all vegans, vegetarians and avid meat eaters. Dried vegetables and fruits with the texture of jerky meat will captivate lovers of unusual, delicious organic food.

The mass production of snacks from mango, banana, mushroom, melon, tomato and other most unpredictable vegetables and fruits has already been launched. The advantage of such snacks is durability. Cured, dried snacks can last longer than fresh foods.